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seria A coverage?

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I'm looking for the best magazine with the best Seria A coverage....I want a magazine solely devoted to Seria A....can somebody tell me what magazines will fullfill this request?


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You may contact 'Football Italia" at

[email protected]

It's quite informative although a bit pricey.
The Gazzetta


Can you read Italian? If so, The best coverage of Serie A, B, and C is the Gazzetta Dello Sport newspaper. It's sold in our N.J. area. Unfortunately, it's $2.25 per paper.

It's $4.00 in Sydney :(

Forza Lazio
Hey Lou:

I live in NJ also and Yes i read italian. Can you give me the info to buy a year subscription to Gazzetta Dello Sport here NJ.

Thanks a lot.

The Gazzetta Subscription


I'll look into it today and get info about a subscription. In the meantime, checkout their great website at http://www.gazzetta.it

Forza Azzurri!!

Forza Juve and Reggina!!

Finnaly a ENglish speaking Reggina FAN!

do you think it is very sad that Giacchetta(our captain)
has left for Genoa, also Kallon leaves:mad:


Forza Mamede(new Reggina Calcio signing)
Hey luigi this may not help you right now but I will be in Italy for the 3 weeks in August I may be able to get information for subscriptions I was looking into for myself as well.I will keep you informed.


YES!! I AM A HUGE REGGINA FAN!!! I was born in America, but my family is from Calabria. My relatives live about an hour from Reggio. Reggina is our "home team".

I'm very sad at the loss of our key players. Baronio is with Lazio, Pirlo is going back with Inter, Taibi is going back to Man U, and Kallon is leaving us too. Hopefully we will have enough talent to keep us in serie A after the new season is over. After a successful first season in serie A, this hurts badly. Still, it is professional soccer and money talks. There are extremely rich teams that offer so much money. It's hard to keep a player when you are offered enough to buy 3 or 4. Let's hope for the best.

About Euro 2000, I think whoever wins on thursday will win it all. Holland or Italy will beat any team (Portugal or France). I think the Dutch are aware they are not playing Yugoslavia. It will be a different game.
hey Lou:

My father is also from Calabria, an hour from Reggio. What town in Calabria? My father is from caloveto, the province is Cosenza.


Although I have many relatives scatter all over Italy (From Torino to Palermo), the majority are in Calabria. My parents are from the outskirts of the historic town of Caulonia. Caulonia is close by the town of Riace on the Ionian coast (where the bronze statues were discovered). The major towns near Caulonia are Roccella, Siderno and Locri. My father went to highschool in Catanzaro which is very close to Cosenza.

Calabria is my 2nd home. I love it and go there when I can. Hopefully I'll be able to go see Cosenza or Crotone play a serie B game sometime. Reggina would be difficult to see because the stadium is small (about 20,000 seats) and they get sold out quickly. Oh well...
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