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Serbian talent?

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Who would you say looks like the brightest talents in serbian football these days? You have gotten a lot of attention after the news about Tosic being transfered to Manchester United, and now it sems like Adem also could follow Tosic.

After what I understand, there are alot of other exiting talents from Serbia aswell. Here are the players I have heard about. Do anybody have enough knowlwdge to tell a bit more about them. Not that important with the players that are best known tough.

- Nenad Krsticic
- Aleksandar Ignjovski
- Filip Djordjevic
- Dusan Tadic
- Miralem Sulejmani
- Gojko Kacar
- Stefan Babovic
- Ljubomir Fejsa
- Nenad Tomovic
- Ivan Obradovic
- Marko Jovanovic
- Nikola Gulan
- Zdravko Kuzmanovic
- Slobodan Rajkovic
- Zoran Tosic
- Danijel Aleksic
- Vujadin Savic
- Milan Milanovic
- Adem Ljajic
- Stefan Babovic

There would also be interesting to know more about the best players in the Superliga, as my interest in serbian football are on the rise, looks like a potential great NT in the future. So if anybody has the knowledge needed for this task, shoot! :)

How would rank these players, if you had to make a list?
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1. Kacar
2. Ljajic
3. Sulejmani
4. Tadic
5. Aleksic
6. Tosic
7. Kuzmanovic
8. Obradovic
9. Rajkovic
10. Fejsa

That would be my Top10 of most talented Serbian youngsters in that order. Kacar, for his age, clearly is the most exciting prospect. I admit, that i dont know some of the players mentioned, like Ignjovski or Krsticic, or saw them just once. But Im also sure that the list of talents is grwoing. Seems to be a pretty interesting generation, those born between 1991 and 1987.
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