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Serbian talent?

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Who would you say looks like the brightest talents in serbian football these days? You have gotten a lot of attention after the news about Tosic being transfered to Manchester United, and now it sems like Adem also could follow Tosic.

After what I understand, there are alot of other exiting talents from Serbia aswell. Here are the players I have heard about. Do anybody have enough knowlwdge to tell a bit more about them. Not that important with the players that are best known tough.

- Nenad Krsticic
- Aleksandar Ignjovski
- Filip Djordjevic
- Dusan Tadic
- Miralem Sulejmani
- Gojko Kacar
- Stefan Babovic
- Ljubomir Fejsa
- Nenad Tomovic
- Ivan Obradovic
- Marko Jovanovic
- Nikola Gulan
- Zdravko Kuzmanovic
- Slobodan Rajkovic
- Zoran Tosic
- Danijel Aleksic
- Vujadin Savic
- Milan Milanovic
- Adem Ljajic
- Stefan Babovic

There would also be interesting to know more about the best players in the Superliga, as my interest in serbian football are on the rise, looks like a potential great NT in the future. So if anybody has the knowledge needed for this task, shoot! :)

How would rank these players, if you had to make a list?
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Derbyshire is such a little bitch, Gojko is twice the player he'll ever be.
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