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Who would you say looks like the brightest talents in serbian football these days? You have gotten a lot of attention after the news about Tosic being transfered to Manchester United, and now it sems like Adem also could follow Tosic.

After what I understand, there are alot of other exiting talents from Serbia aswell. Here are the players I have heard about. Do anybody have enough knowlwdge to tell a bit more about them. Not that important with the players that are best known tough.

- Nenad Krsticic
- Aleksandar Ignjovski
- Filip Djordjevic
- Dusan Tadic
- Miralem Sulejmani
- Gojko Kacar
- Stefan Babovic
- Ljubomir Fejsa
- Nenad Tomovic
- Ivan Obradovic
- Marko Jovanovic
- Nikola Gulan
- Zdravko Kuzmanovic
- Slobodan Rajkovic
- Zoran Tosic
- Danijel Aleksic
- Vujadin Savic
- Milan Milanovic
- Adem Ljajic
- Stefan Babovic

There would also be interesting to know more about the best players in the Superliga, as my interest in serbian football are on the rise, looks like a potential great NT in the future. So if anybody has the knowledge needed for this task, shoot! :)

How would rank these players, if you had to make a list?

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I'd say Tadic deserves a mention. he looks liek a great prospect from the few times I've seen him. Vojvodina has produced the most ammount of good talent along with OFK in the past few years. Krasic, Stepanov, Kacar, Aleksic, Tadic. And I'm probably forgetting a few.

I know Stepanov hasn't lived up to his expectations, but he was a full NT member for a while.

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1. Kacar
2. Ljajic
3. Sulejmani
4. Tadic
5. Aleksic
6. Tosic
7. Kuzmanovic
8. Obradovic
9. Rajkovic
10. Fejsa

That would be my Top10 of most talented Serbian youngsters in that order. Kacar, for his age, clearly is the most exciting prospect. I admit, that i dont know some of the players mentioned, like Ignjovski or Krsticic, or saw them just once. But Im also sure that the list of talents is grwoing. Seems to be a pretty interesting generation, those born between 1991 and 1987.

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Mine would look like this:

1.Zdravko Kuzmanovic
2.Gojko Kacar
3.Miralem Sulejmani
4.Zoran Tosic
5.Adem Ljajic
6.Ivan Obradovic
7.Danijel Aleksic
8.Slobodan Rajkovic
9.Stefan Babovic
10.Dusan Tadic

But I haven´t really seen them enough to make a solid judgement of all the players. But for sure the future looks bright.

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I posted this a while back in other threads but this is a perfect thread for this post. List of Serbian talents. Some are older but most are younger.

Nemanja Matic- He is on trial with some EPL clubs is quite the talent as well. Joined the Serbian squad for the Denmark games and hasn't had much time but already scored 2 goals against Israel in the last friendly. He's very technically gifted and quite pacy for a tall guy. Very much reminds me of a weaker version of Ibrahimovic.


Stefan Babovic- has had some heart problems and injuries lately but he's one of our more talented right wingers at the moment. He can also play as a forward at times. He's got great technique and speed. He needs to bulk up and fix that heart problem of his if he can =/
He also has a International caps for Serbia at A team level.

He scores the 3rd and 4th goals----

Ivan Obradovic- He's still playing at Partizan, although not for long. He has interests from Ajax, Fiorentina, and Juventus at the moment. He scored a beautiful goal in the WC qualifier for Serbia against Austria. It was one of the best goals in the competition so far if I have to say so myself. He plays as a LB as well.


Dusan Tadic- I really think this kid has a lot of potential. He has incredible passing and dribbling skills that he would def. improve on if he leaves his current club of Vojvodina. He just needs to go more 1-on-1 against the opposition. Other than that, he was our second best player at the Olympics(IMO).

Danijel Aleksic- Is wanted by almost every club in the world. Arsenal to be on top of him because of Wenger's early scouting and it's heard that he's already made a top bid for him. Aleksic is the youngest player to ever appear in the Serbian Superliga. I believe Dejan Stankovic used to be the youngest and look where he is now. Also, Sergio Aguerro is the only other player that me and Zoric know who debuted for the A-team at the age of 15. He finished joint-top scorer in the U-17 competition last year. He was the only player to score 5 goals in the final tournament round. He favorite goal is the scissor kick, as you can see here in these videos.



another goal; very nice

Adem Ljajic- I'm pretty sure everyone in the world already knows about him. According to many sources, he's one of the top 5 talents his generation in the world. He's got incredible vision and passing. Over the years, his shooting has improved greatly. Manchester United are reporting that they have bought him for around 10 million euros but nothing is certain yet. He's one of the biggest talents to have ever come out of Serbia. Danijel Aleksic is the another.



Aleksandar Ignjovski- Honestly, this is the only player that I know that can literally play any position on the field. I've heard he plays from time to time as a right/left winger. Then he plays right/left back. Then he switches to striker/supporting striker/attacking midfielder. Then he goes to right/left midfield and even defensive midfielder. I also heard that he plays as CB! Here's an excellent goal of his from the match where Serbia crushed England's U-19 and claimed firist position. He already plays for OFK Belgrade's first team at such a tender age.


Milos Krasic- I don't know who was talking down upon Milos Krasic but all I can say is that he's one of our most promising player. There's a reason why the media compares him to a Pavel Nedved sort of player.
I think this video says enough about Krasic and that United are interested in bringing him in if Ronaldo leaves.


Vladimir Stojkovic- Serbia's all-time best goalkeeper. His only problem is that he's mentally retarded(not literally)..He just doesn't cope well with clubs. He throws bottles at his coaches and ditches trainings. Not to mention that when he got thrown out of Sporting Lisobon, Everton offered him a trial and he never showed up..talk about lazy.


Branislav Ivanovic- Finally broke through Chelsea's first team. Who know's if he'll keep that position or not but he's one hell of a defender and is excellent in the air. He was one of the best players at the U-21 competition in 07 and was capitain of finalists Serbia.


Bosko Jankovic- He's Serbia's most technical player in my opinion. He reminds me of a weaker version of C. Ronaldo from the dribbling and running. He's just way too lazy and doesn't do much at club level, much like Vladimir Stojkovic. Poor mentality in other words.
Awesome long shot goals from him:


Tell me at 3:15 that this is not C. Ronaldo----

Aleksandar Kolarov- He has one of the best left foots on the planet. His free kicks are out of this world, thus called the "New Mihajlovic" or "New Roberto Carlos"


Milan Jovanovic- Serbia's current best player. He's wanted by Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. He's got excellent pace and unusual technique for a striker. Just look at this video and at 2:30. Amazing :)


Zoran Tosic- Manchester United are supposidly picking him up on January 1st for about 8 million euros. Just a year and a half ago he was playing for a low team in Serbian SuperLiga and was playing as a left-back. Djukic brought him to the youth team and made him a left winger. Tosic never looked back ;)..He keeps improving game after game and people are dubbing him the next Sinisa Mihajlovic from his great free kicks..


Gojko Kacar- His physical toughness is just as good as his mental toughness. This could also be because his uncle(Tadija Kacar) was a world class boxer in the lightweight division. Kacar showed that in 2007 U-21 when he went up against 5 English guys after a controversial goal. He scored 5 goals against Hungaries U-21 a few months ago as a midfielder! He could have had more according to many people. His heading ability is class. His defending is class. His dribbling is class. His shooting is class. I can say with confidence that he is our most well-rounded player in a really long time. He can play pretty much anywhere on the field with excellence. Real Madrid is very much interested in him along with every other club in the world ;)

Old video but whatever. Someone needs to make a new one for his youtube promotional video :)


Miralem Sulejmani- Won Dutch youth player of the year award last season after an impressive 15 goals and 10 assists for a lower rated club in Holland. He transfered to Ajax over the summer for 16.25 million euros! This was a dutch intake all-time transfer record. I admit that he's not as fit as most other players but he works it well. He was injured earlier in the season but seems to be back in his old goal scoring form. I expect many many goals from him in the future. Hopefully in a season or two at Real Madrid/Chelsea, where he almost went before his manager convinced him to stay in Holland for a bit longer.



Zdravko Kuzmanovic- He can play anywhere in the midfield and as effectively as a right winger. He also plays defensive midfielder from time to time. Zdravko is tooted as the next Pirlo. He's been wanted by Arsenal and Madrid for some time now. Kuzmanovic is very pacy and has excellent dribbling skills. He just needs to work on fitness because he seems to get subbed in and out quite frequently. I'm not sure if it's tactics or not from Fiorentina's side but it's getting quite annoying.



Other mentionable names:
Serbian A NT: Nenad Milijas, Danko Lazovic, Antonio Rukavina, Milos Ninkovic, Neven Subotic(if he chooses Serbia), Marko Basa and Aleksandar Lukovic for now.

U-21: Nikola Gulan, Ljubomir Fejsa, Nikola Gulan, Marko Milinkovic, Predrag Pavlovic and Marko Jovanovic.

U-19: Danijel Aleksic, Adem Ljajic, Nenad Krsticic, Vujadin Savic, Darko Lazovic, Petar Skuletic, Milan Milanovic, and Aleksandar Ignjovski.

U-17: Filip Djuricic*, Djordje Susnjar, Andrej Mrkela, Jovan Vucinic, and Nenad Lukic. :)

* Besides Danijel Aleksic and Adem Ljajic, it is believed to be said that Filip Djuricic is one of the very few potential world class talents to come out of Serbia. Red Star sold him to Olympiakos not too long ago and supposidly have him back now but interests from Ajax after a small tournament in Greece are very high now. Look out for this one guys ;)

I will do another one of these very soon after the 2008/2009 season most likely. And another after the summer of 2009(aka U-21/U-19/U-17) tournamnets.
Hope this was enough information and enjoy your days fellas ;)

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Yup..Kacar is a ****ing beast! :)
I love how he even pushes our players to get to the English ones. haha
There's also a picture of him where it shows a better ariel view of him walking up to the English players and there was about 5 of them against him ;)

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You got a link to that? I wish I could download that whole game again btw, we absolutely smashed England in that game and was a miracle how we didn't score. You don't have a link do you?

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No, I don't have a link. That game against England was a joke. Serbia benched all their starters because we had already qualified. Still, we had crushed them on possession. This is where the likes of Tosic, Kacar, Rajkovic, and others all prospered and showed promise for the current generation as Ivanovic, Jankovic, Smiljanic, and others were all starters at the time.

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Well DZ your mission is to find that match :pp
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