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Just read this on italian soccer.com:

"Voices speak about deep negotiations with Fiorentina to take Francesco Toldo and Gabriel Batistuta "I want both them! This is my will, but unfortunately I know that it's very difficult Fiorentina could decide to let them move away. But if there is a chance I won't miss it!" Sensi said.

"However we are not trying to reach just one great task. We want a team with at least 22-23 very good players. We can say three of them were already bought (Emerson from Bayer Leverkusen, Jero Shakpoke from Lugano and Walter Samuel from Boca Juniors), now we need at least other three ones" he added."

So Sensi wants al least three other ones. I think that is good news. But who is Shakpoke?
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