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Second friendly game result

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Haven't seen it posted here yet...

Second friendly game, against the Austrian league leader

Last Saturday (Jul. 22, 2000):

Josko Ried (Austria) - Valencia: 0-0

Spect.: ~5000

VALENCIA: Palop, Angloma, Carboni, Pellegrino, Amarilla, Albelda, Milla (Parri, m. 62), Angulo, Vicente, Carew, and Sánchez (Xisco, m. 72)

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Bah, we couldn't even score ONE freaking goal?
I wouldn't worry.
Heck, I wouldn't worry even if we had lost 5-0. It's just the second game, and against the Austrian league leaders (who are in good form). Also, these games are used to try a bunch of things and a bunch of players.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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