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AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani said on
Thursday a second bid for David Beckham had been turned down by
Manchester United.
Milan said it had approached United manager Alex Ferguson last
week but Ferguson said the valuable winger was not for sale. Galliani
said a second overture had also been rejected.
"We tried again with Manchester today (Wednesday) but they really
don't want to give him up. Beckham can't be released and we respect
the wishes of Manchester," said Galliani.
He also said the club were interested in signing Barcelona's Rivaldo,
but the prospects of a deal depend on whether Luis Figo moves from
the Catalan club to Real Madrid.
Milan president Silvio Berlusconi said recently his club was aiming to
sign "one of the top five players in the world" and in an interview with
the daily Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday, Galliani revealed the club
had drawn up three targets.
"Milan will make a leap in quality only if one of these three players
arrives - David Beckham of Manchester United and Rivaldo and Figo of
Galliani, who effectively runs Milan on behalf of Berlusconi, has been
in Spain for the past two days and said the attempt to bring Brazilian
forward Rivaldo to the San Siro was tied to the future of Figo.
Portuguese international Figo has been linked with a move to Real
Madrid with Spanish media saying he has signed an agreement to
make a $57 million switch to the Spanish capital.
Galliani believes that Milan's hopes rest on Figo rejecting a move to
"If they lose Figo Barcelona will not allow themselves to also lose the
world player of the year Rivaldo," said Galliani.
"But if Barcelona convince him to stay, then there would be more
possibility to acquire Rivaldo, Barcelona would not be forced to hang
on to him".
The Milan vice-president said any move for Rivaldo or Figo would
have to wait until the outcome of Barcelona's presidential election on
Berlusconi has been criticised by Milan supporters for failing to
strengthen the team in the face of huge spending by title rivals Lazio,
AS Roma and Juventus.
Galliani admitted it is proving tough to keep Berlusconi's promise of a
"major deal".
"It is increasingly difficult. For Milan either we get a world class
player or we stay as we are, wich is already competitive. There is no
point in us signing other players of medium quality when the ones we
already have are superior".

Unless Beckham starts playing really really crap, Man Utd will never sell Beckham, not for any price :)

That fact is also, Man Uts are rich enough, they don't need a new player at the moment, so aren't really inerested in 40-mil-pounds or whatever it was.

AC MILAN have admitted defeat in their bid to land David Beckham.

And the club have also ruled out the possibility of signing Luis Figo or Rivaldo.

Milan made a second £40million offer for the Manchester United and England star earlier this week, but it was once again rejected.

Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani said: "Beckham will remain at Manchester United, Rivaldo at Barcelona and Figo is off to Real Madrid.

"There is a thread of hope for Rivaldo but if Barca lose Figo - and he seems destined for Real Madrid - they most definitely will not allow Rivaldo to go."

Galliani conceded that Serie A clubs no longer dominate Europe's transfer system, despite Lazio's recent world record purchase of £37m Argentine Hernan Crespo.

"I warned a few years ago that television rights would overturn the football hierachy in Europe. That moment has arrived, given that the Spanish and English, for example, are richer than us."

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Who cares about Beckham, he totally isn't suited to Milan.

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Toro, I agree with you Beckham can only play in England since he dosent have the skills to play in Spain or Italy.

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We don't want *****ham playing in Italy

that f****** ***** * ** * * * * ***** ******** *** * ** *

should stay in Sh!tleauge !!!
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