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Season 2007/2008

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It is over. Let's try to summarise this season. In my opinion it was the best season since we came back to SerieA.

What was good (or even very good :D ):
- Sampdoria - Siena 1:0 - it was the first time I have seen Samp live in Genova. Unforgettable, incredible, remarkable, amazing, just magic!
- Cassano - it was great idea. The risk we had taken was worth the result. He was much better I was expecting. Some really "world class" performances and goals (of course some stupid behaviour too...). We had a player who could decide about the score. I hope he will stay...and grow wise a little bit :D.
- UEFA Cup pass - this was our main goal this season and we won it! It was nice that for a moment we were trying for Champions League. But we really deserved UEFA Cup spot this time and we won it lawfully - not 7th but 6th position.
- Maggio - another hero form this season. He was outstanding. Great and equal form and goals!
- Bellucci - very good season. Often when the player looks well before season he plays poor later. Bellucci was good during the summer and even better at the first part of the season. Our best scorer could have scored more if he hadn't been injuried. I wish him quick recovery now...
- Mazzarri - we have a coach we need. He is quite flexible, plays nice, open football and I think he has some work to do with this team next season. He HAS TO STAY! Great job coach!
- self - confident - this year Samp made just one or two screw - ups. We were very strong. If we were going to minor teams we were winning (not drawing but winning!).
- home games - so many times 3-0. Genova was a real fortress this season!
- Milan - Sampdoria 1:2 - this can show us that we are made for better things that only 6-8 positions.
- finishing in front of Udinese - it is always nice :happy: .

To forget:
- Aalborg - I wanted us in group stage of UEFA Cup. :mad:
- Sampdoria - Roma 0:3 - it should have been a different score in this game.
- Carraciollo - he was our player in the past season ???
- injuries - too many of them...

- Coppa Italia - we did quite good job but won nothing...It could be our trophy this season as we had quite easy road to the final...

This is what comes first through my memory. No doubt - it is a season to remember!
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I'd add Samp 0 - 5 Milan in the "to forget" bit.. Otherwise, great summary!
Most impressive
All 3-0 home victories, specially againt Udinese and the win, at San Siro, against Milan 1:2

Sadly memories
0-3 against Roma and 0-5 against Milan
Of course, gr8 to see Maggio & Cassano (fantastic season with 10 goals for both of them)
Bellucci & Montella came back 2 home, very nice and gr8ful:)
i very enjoyed this season from my lovely team:):):)
Grazie, Regazzi!
sad memory for me wud b da defeat 2 roma coz i sincerely believd dat we cud cum out of no where and get da 4th spot and leave both firenze and milan wide-eyed ......... dont evn remembr da drubbing against milan rite now :)

many gud memories dis season and dat 1touch goal by cassano cums instantly 2 mind :thumbsup:

id also add da win ovr genoa wid maggio missin so many chancz and finally becumin a real hero :thumbsup:

also volpi is my fav. player and i really wantd him 2 keep startin and play da way he did last season evn wen everybody was criticizin him and so for me his performance against milan away is da best memory [purely sentimental] for dis season [dat pass 2 delvecchio i thnk :) i wont forget evr]

forza volpi:thumbsup:
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samp couldnt get rid of her bad habit-losing games to very bad teams when it's critical,in hebrew there is a phrase that says :"haser grosh le'lira" in english it's something like "missing a cent to a dollar" :) and that is samp :)

and of course the 5-0 agains AC milan :/

the saddest momet for me personally this season is Aalborg,i could have support samp in israel against the team i hate the most in this planet..

but,indeed,it was the best season since we came back to Serie A
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