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Season 2002: WUSA Team Rosters

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Sigh. Now the Spirit is looking good. What is happening with the Power? :(


April 1, 2002

San Diego Spirit releases Shelley Finger, Kerry Gragg, and Florence Omagbemi, in preparation for WUSA Waiver Draft on Tuesday

Coach Juarez turned in his 18-player active roster to the league late Sunday night and is looking at the waiver list for possible player consideration. All teams can claim a player off the waiver list and add them to their 18-player active roster, but they must
drop a player to make room. Players released after March 28 who clear waivers on Tuesday can be offered a contract to rejoin their former team or are eligible to sign with any club as a member of the reserve team. Each team must have at least one goalkeeper on their two-player reserve squad.

San Diego Spirit 2002 season roster as of April 1, 2002

1. Mercy Akide Forward
2. Shannon Boxx Midfielder
3. Fan Yunjie Defender
4. Joy Fawcett Defender
5. Julie Foudy Midfielder
6. Sherrill Kester Forward
7. Tara Koleski Forward
8. Lori Lindsey Midfielder
9. Shannon MacMillan Forward
10. Jenny Mascaro Midfielder
11. Jaime Pagliarulo Goalkeeper
12. Kim Pickup Defender
13. Shauna Rohbock Forward
14. Amy Sauer Defender
15. Carly Smolak Goalkeeper
16. Rhiannon Tanaka Defender
17. Margaret Tietjen Defender
18. Zhang Ouying Forward

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I hope Gao Hong will recover soon and Saskia Webber will be fit and strong for the new season!

source: womensoccer.com

April 1, 2002

New York Power releases Meredith Flaherty, Sarah Kate Noftsinger, Bonnie Young and Krista Davey to WUSA Waiver Draft

Like the other teams in WUSA, Power Headcoach Farmer is reviewing carefully the the final list of released players in the WUSA Waiver Draft to be held Tuesday. Teams can claim a player offthe waiver list and add them to their 18-player active roster as they drop a player to make room.

New York Power 2002 season roster as of April 1, 2002

17 Fair, Ronnie D
19 Hoffman, Rachel F
18, Gao Hong G
11 Janss, Emily M
13 Lalor, Jennifer M
14 McIntosh, Wynne D
15 Milbrett, Tiffeny F
9 Mustonen, Minna F
8 Ormen, Linda M
4 O'Sullivan, Jennifer D
3 Pearce, Christie D
16 Pearman, Tammy M/F
10 Rapp, Anita M
23 Stauffer, Emily M
20 Tracy, Katie M
1 Webber, Saskia G
7 Whalen, Sara D/M
2 Whelchel, Kristy D/M

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