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Lets say everyone of us is a Parma scout and he was launched by Malesani all over Europe.Which names he would bring back to recomend at Tanzi and Malesani? (this is a topic for not SO famous players)

My agenda:

1) LORENZO AMORUSO (Italy),Central Defender-Sweeper,Glascow Rangers (Scotland)

(+) Fast,strong and exprienced.Very stong in the air.No settling problems since he is Italian and has played in Seria A before.A quality sweeper with a relatively cheap price.

(-) Sometimes too eratic.Makes silly mistakes and has a natural talent at scoring own goals.Can be a disaster at a bad day.

Value: £4-£6
Available: Yes
Wanted: Barca and Fiorentina
Notes: Feels home-sick
2) ZE ROBERTO (Brazil),Left Midfielder,Bayern Leverkusen (Germany)

(+) Very good passing and dribbling skills.Exelent ball control.Very fast and doesnt get tired easily.Team player,work rate second to none,doesnt hesitate to go back and help the defence.Doesnt have problems t changing positions when needed.Has also played as a left defender and central midfielder.

(-) Average finisher.Was a big failure at Spain with Real Madrid.Maybe find difficulties to adjust at the Seria A playing-style.Doesnt have an EU passport.Quite expensive.

Value: £12-£15
Available: Unsure
Wanted: No
Notes: Once said he wants to play at Italy.
3) FINIDI GEORGE (Nigeria),Attacking midfielder-Forward,Real Betis Palombie (Spain)

(+) Great ball control and passing abilities.Exelent set pieces taker.Fast,strong and agile.Relatively cheap.Great talent with potential.Has an EU passport.

(-) Mentaly weak.Not a leader.Very incosistent.His work-ethic and dedication questioned.Selfish,tends to keep the ball too much on his feet.

Value: £7-£10
Available: Yes (?)
Wanted: Kaiserslautern,Deportivo La Coruna
Notes: Questionable buy.Could be a bargain or a disaster.

What do your notebooks say? (this is a topic for even completely un-known players)

Start scouting... :)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!

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Would it be wise to buy non-EU players??

As for Amouruso I don't think that would be wise especially with your defence. He's very prone to errors and his bad days are all to often at the moment.

Delfim (Portugal) Central Defender Sporting Lisbon (Portugal).

(+) Portugese prodigy who looks set to become the next great thing for Portugal. Can do it all with great strength when on the ball. Has a fantastic free-kick.

(-) Untested in the league and too young to have had any international experience.

Value: £6-7
Available: uncertain
Wanted: unknown thus far
Notes: Seen him a few time and he oozes class.

Rio Ferdinand (England) Central Defender, West Ham United (England).

(+) Fast, strong, composed and skillfull. Very composed on the ball with lots of playing time despite young age.

(-) Little international experience and his anti-hoofing play leads him to give the ball away in problem areas.

Value: £8-9
Available: Probable
Wanted: Real M and Chelsea
Notes: Has expressed desire for continental football, cousin of Les.

Romagnoli (Argentina) Central midfield (att), San Lorenzo (Argentina)

(+) Skillfull and established in the side despite only being 18. Sure touch and great vision.

(-) Bit tempremental and non EU. Again untested.

Value: £6
Available: uncertain
Wanted: no
Notes: hopefully the next Maradonna and not you know who.

Notice the emphasis is on youth.
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