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Scottish Media - Anti-English

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The Sun, apart(Probably because it's an English paper) the media up here are so anti-english it's unreal. The Record are a disgcrace. I can't quote but it has a story about the new England song and has some very down-grading things to say about the English. It's pure jealousy on us Scot's part.

They don't slag us off almost everyday down south. They don't bother with us. They are more concerned about their OWN TEAM.

I wish and in particular the Record would stop slagging off England.

Just incase anyone missed an earlier post I'm not Englis, I don't support England. I'm just not anti-english like most Scots.
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hmm, i dont think so, but then again, i dont read these toilet papers. i dont trust a word in any of them, and prefer not to read the crap keevins comes out with.. to be honest, ive boycotted the record for the last 3 years, and make sure no one in my family buy it!!:D
"It's pure jealousy on us Scot's part."

I don't think its jealousy really otherwise we'd be slagging off france.

But i do agree, the record (especially whenever we play england) is quite pathetic.
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