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i'm sure if bazza played then the result would have been different most probly 5-0 to us, zidane would have not touched the ball if he played, but vogts should have chosen less younger and inexperienced players also vogts needs to be begging Duncan Ferguson to come back to play for scotland as he is the striker that scotland needs. sure we have forwards but we do not have a striker that pounces on every chance in front of goal.
and as for england in the world cup you won't **** all
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I think he's been drinking Wollabarawonga (aborigine for Sheep Dip):D
:dielaugh: :dielaugh: :dielaugh:

You are so funny, dude!
What are you drinkin', smokin', whatever? It's powerfull!! :eekani:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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