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scandinavian player of the year!!!!

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i think martin jorgenson is the best player this season,he has played like a god in udinese.
and big clubs like real and milan has been after him.
they call him the new laudrup and it might be true.
forza jorgenson
what do you think?
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Stefan Schwarz: Old, but still good, injured at this moment.

Yxel Osmanovski: Only 19 and so good.
yeah,stefan schwarz is good
yksel too,but i think he's 22 or something.
i want zetterberg and ingesson in euro 2000.
The players you guys have mentioned aren't really the best Scandinavia can offer. Peter Schmeichel has had a good season is Portugal. Solskjaer has been scoring frequently when playing for Man Utd + has won another league championship.

they are still good but maybe not the best right now.
solskjaer is good thats true but what do you think about jorgenson?
Yeah, Solskjaer is good but I don't like Man Utd so I didn't want to say him.

martin Jorgensen has played very good the last matches but I don't think he can play good for a long time.
He will soon take a step back, i think...

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The Scandinavian player of the year is without doubt Sami Hyypiä. If you count Finland as a Scandinavian country, that is. :)

He has been one of the best players in England all season. Jorgensen and Schwarz? Gimme a break. Hyypiä's the man. :)
Yeah, Sami Hyypiä is definitely the Nordic Player of the Year. Best defender in the Premiership by a mile.

The best Nordic defender in EPL anyway. But I'm wondering would of Solskjaer been a top scorer of PL, if he would of played every game?
i have heard he has been very good in liverpool,but actually i have watch serie a more and then though jorgenson was the best scandinavian player there,but hyppia may be player of the year.
Ever heard of Thomas Sørensen???
yeah but there are many better players,i would prefer schmeichel or hedman on that possition.
Solskjaer might have been a top scorer if he had played more, but the fact is that he didn't. Player of the season should be decided solely on merits, not potential. IMO Flo was better this season than Ole-Gunnar and deserves the third spot behind Hyypiä and Jörgensen.

Nick, Swedes don't look that impressive in St.Petersburg. We could crush you any time. :)
I don't know for best player...
Martin Laursen however must be breakthrough of the year. Only Thuram has better average ratings than him in serie A (for defenders at least).

Ehee, I thought that you might suggest Laursen :)
hi kat im happy to see you here on the scandinavian forum,solskjaer is really good maybe also the best right now,definitely the best in epl with flo.
Being estonian I kinda feel close to Scandinavia. I defenately will be here as much as I can. :)
I would go for Hyppia.He's been great at Liverpool.F*** Solskjær!Tore Andre Flo is a much better player.If you look at the Champions League,many players for Rosenborg would come out strong.Sørensen,Strand,Hoftun. But they haven't been good enough to become players of the year.Anyone but Solskjær!He's hasn't been good at the national side either.
zlatan ibrahimovic, what player, i saw some highlights from a couple games from the swedish division 1. malmö might find a way back to the swedish allsvenkan trough ibrahimovic.

Check him out, nasty nick ;-)
finally here cracker!!!
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