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Let's just all admit he was bad.

It is obvious why Conte brought him on while the team was 4-1 up and on cruise control.

It's also obvious why Conte started both Bastoni and Biraghi.

But these were bad decisions.

Lazaro doesn't know the league yet

And Bastoni+Biraghi is too much new blood on the left side. Should be one or the other alongside Skriniar/Asamoah until Bastoni gets more experience and Biraghi learns the Conte System.
There's no better chance of making Lazaro know the league/adapt than coming on with a match seemingly won, though. So Conte is blameless imo. Godin had to be rested after 2 full friendlies with Uruguay, so either the frog or Bastoni had to play, and Biraghi tbf is experienced enough to play a game v Sassuolo. He didn't **** up against Lazio iirc and obviously assisted the match winner and Lazio are better than Sassuolo surely. I think it was a mixture of a few factors like I wrote previously (international break, Sassuolo being fresher etc..)

It's a long season so it's important to rotate. Imo Valero and Esposito should start getting minutes too starting from Parma and then Brescia even off the bench.
I agree with all this

Weird (almost creepy) that we seem to agree on everything this season......

181 - 181 of 181 Posts