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I was pelased too, especially in light of the money being offered in these deals. I wonder if Morientes regrets this much money though!

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This is running it through the translator though and it's pretty crappy (I'm too lazy to translate it myself, sorry guys!) In spanish, on http://www.marca.es

Sanz does not let go away to Morientes
Alberto Toldrá and Ginés Carvajal went yesterday to Santiago Bernabéu with the intention to be able the consent to negotiate the exit of Morientes of Real Madrid. Both representing they arrived at the offices from the club to the 12.30 hours with the supplies from Fiorentina, Milan and Rome underneath the arm. The Italian clubs had showed their intention to pay 4,500 million by the madridista forward, amount that could be attractive for the white club.

Nevertheless, the agents of the player could nothing else verify to seat with vice-president Juan Onieva who Real Madrid was not arranged to come off itself the player. At no moment, the negotiator of the club left was contemplated the possibility of a possible march of Morientes to Italian soccer. Onieva and Sanz, that were during 10 minutes in the meeting, insisted on which the clause of 15,000 million was due to pay that appears in the contract of the player to obtain its freedom. The representatives of the forward left the Bernabéu with the
evident malaise produced by the result of the meeting. Morientes finished losing one of the best opportunities of its life. In Italy they have guaranteed a contract to him of 500 million by season, right the double of which wins at the present time, and in addition are crazy to have to him in its rows.

The white forward has not forgotten that the one does few weeks was the club that considered its exit by the important amounts that were shuffled and that could oxygenate the white economy. Now the situation has
changed and been the technical manual the one that has restrained the crossing of the player. Also the continuity of del B in the madridista bench has influenced in the decision, since it considers to
Morientes one of the players nails for the project of the next season.

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Thank you Pablo it's really nice for us non-spanish speaking Real Madrid fans to get translated reports from spanish newspapers like Marca.

The news about that Morientes is not being sold is great. I really look forward to next season with a Morientes in form, may he be the topscorer in LaLiga.

Hala Madrid
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