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Sander lad a good lad??

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Sander Westerveld had a shakey start to his Pool career earning him the unfair name of "Shakey Sander". He soon shook this off as he saved Liverpool from futher embarrasement as he made some herioc reflex saves againt Southhampton, a game we could have easily lost due to all other players performing like the season was over. Anyway Ed De Goey has also had a great season, despite a few blunders aginst the likes of Mannure, although he kept soooooo many clean sheets, so who should be Holland's No.2??? Sander or Ed ???? The choice is yours (actually its the manager's choice, oh well! never mind
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Definitely Sander.I like De Goey but Westerveld is better in my opinion.Athough he is still dodgy at crosses.

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Yeah, Westerveld is a good goalie and now he has a full PL season behind him he can only get better. ;)
de goey has much more experience....but i think i'd go for westerfeld as #2...

he is much better on the line..although he seems unconfortable on crosses...

his style is a bit like seaman.,..he is also not confortable when he's on one-on-one....

but despite all this..,..i' prefer westerfeld to de goey...
I have to go with Sander, He does look alittle uncomfortable at times, an at other times he has a schmichael look about him.

he had an excellent season, and seems to be doing well with the rigours af PL football. As for de Goey, he had a good season too, but i'd have to say that he's getting old, and sometimes it shows. Did anyone see that goal he sucked agaist marseille in CL (Robert Pires) to be exact.
Westerveld on standby for Holland

Van der Sar was slightly injured and rumours are that Westervel will be the first choice when Holland take on France in the last group game if Van der Sar fails to recover in time.
Defintely Westerveld is the stand-in for Van Der Sar, but I'm hoping so much that isn't the case against France, Sar has to keep.
Westerveld is a good keeper, but Van Der Sar is a great keeper. No other keeper would have kept a clean-sheet against the Czech's, not even the great Dane Schmeichel.
Van Der Sar is a neccessity for the Dutch, see the penaly against Denmark? Van Der Sar dived the right way, he would have saved should the kick have been on target.
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