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Skogeta from Bogliasco:

Samp-Primavera 12-1

1st half: 2-0 (Flachi,Carrozzieri).
Good test for samp.Doni and Bazzani were working alone,but the other men of Novellino did a good match,with Gile on the left and Marazzina near Flachi.
Great the movements of the midfield and the defence,especially Zenoni&Diana.
Really serious Carrozzieri,that used a lot of violence with the poor young players of primavera.

2nd half: ;Marazzina (3),Yana (3),Job (2),Antonini.
Great Marazzina that seems to be back the player of an ancient time.
We waited him a lot,but it seems we did the right thing.The holydays did a good thing for him.

Great he number 10 of Primavera,that did the assist for the their goal.
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