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If Hierro isn't fit we will miss his experience," said defender Michel Salgado "But we have other players who have been training hard and can play in his place."

Salgado continued: "France's strength is in their team as a whole, their unit,
but Zidane is the player I like most."

"He has real invention, great control and a wonderful pass. He has everything. The whole team is very strong but Zidane has that little bit of magic that others don't have.
"He always looks for the quick ball through to the two front players, Anelka and Henry, and we have to be able to stop that they depend a lot on them."

"When we go forward we'll have to be careful not to leave too big a space between the defence and the goalkeeper."

"We can't allow them to play that simple ball behind us from midfield, but we have our own way of playing and we're not going to change for this game.

"We'll respect them but we have hope and desire to win on Sunday. I'll be proud if we manage to do it and as long as we're brave, and give everything we can, I'm sure it's possible."

"Both Anelka and Henry are very quick but the important thing will be to make sure they don't manage to get in just behind us."
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