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Salernitana, Di Michele gets No90!

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Di Michele suprisingly gets No90, i don't know why, he probaly requested it...

Here's the rest of the Salerno based club:

1 Fabrizio Lorieri
2 Drazen Bolic
3 Roberto Cardinale
4 Damiano Moscardi
5 Jean Pierre Cyprien
6 Luca Fusco
8 Nicola Corrente
9 Stefano Guidoni
10 Fabio Viganroli
11 Gaetano Cala' Campana
12 Raffaele Coscia
13 Marco Andre' Zoro Kpolo
14 Mohamed Saliou N'Daye
15 Samuele Olivi
16 Franco Di Jorio
17 Domenico Botticella
19 Giacomo Tedesco
20 Vincenzo Chianese
21 Ousmane Sene Pape
23 Ighli Vannucchi
24 Nicola Campedelli
29 Domenico Cristiano
40 Aleksandar Krstic
90 David Di Michele
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Why the #90:????????????
What?? Lorieri is still active? How old is he?
for a game that only involved 11 players on each team, no 90 seems a little bit overkilled. what's next? 101?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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