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Why doesn't anybody care about Salas maybe leaving the club. He isn't good engough anymore because he miss a lot of chances lately ?! OK, he didn't score anymore lately but has he got many 100 % chances where he should have scored lately ?? I think he is still great and we should keep him. If he is so bad why does so many other clubs want him?? He always gives him 101 %. Nobody liked Inzaghi when he did scored enough some months ago or when he missed 'easy' chances, but now he is the hero ??

Here is the list of Lazio's scorers this season, as you can see, Salas isn't that bad in scoring goals... You always play with 11 players and you can't blame 1 for not scoring enough goals. I'm not saying that Salas can't do anything wrong !!

Lazio's scorers :
17 Simone Inzaghi
16 Marcelo Salas
14 Sinisa Mihajlovic
8 Juan Sebastian Veron
8 Alen Boksic
7 Pavel Nedved
5 Dejan Stankovic
3 Giuseppe Pancaro
3 Fabrizio Ravanelli
3 Paolo *****
3 Roberto Mancini
3 Sergio Conceicao
3 Diego Simeone
1 Attilio Lombardo
1 Dario Marcolin
1 Nestor Sensini
1 Matias Almeyda
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