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Salas will give Crag a nervous breakdown!!

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Hehehehe poor Crag, he's trying soooo hard for Crespo!! Parma is being so stubborn about the deal and Crag has gone long distances to offer Tanzi a rip off :mad: deal for Crespo. And now with Salas rejecting Parma and Inter (moratti) having financial problems :confused: (or he's just decided not to spend much money) and supposedly not going to buy Salas for is it $35mil (expensive i think but not compared to Crespo)

It looks like Moratti is smarter than Crag this transfer market season but Tanzi is the smartest in taking advantage of his dear friend :mad: Cragnotti!!

Maybe now we should just buy Palermo and kepp Salas and abrakadabra good team :)

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Hehehehehhe Moratti has loads of money but for some reason his just got one big signing which at the moment is hakan suker ?????????????? and plus theres alot of time to buy players the seasons going to start in october as for salas he is a real big chance of coming to inter since Moratti had a talk to the team about his maybe arrival???

Moratti spend some 120 Million Dollars on transfers last season without any success so I guess we can forgive him for not doing the same this season or the season after this.

In a way Cragnotti is being screwed but if Crespo scores 20 x goals / season for Lazio then I guess we´ll be fine. Conceciao is a great team player and a great player all n all and I´d hate to loose him. Almeyda is a superb player and Parma will have one of the best defensiv midfielder in Serie A ( but something tells me he´ll never be as good as 2 seasons ago and I think he might have trouble in Parma since it´s a new town, no argentine players, not as much people at the stadium, smaller club etc. )

Anyway we are loosing 2 great players and if Cragnotti decides to add 20$ to that deal he´s plain crazy.
Crespo will do extremelly good for you.20+ goals are a certainty for you.However,you still get the worst end of the deal.Conceicao and Almeyda will stregthen our midfield so much...as replacement for Crespo Tanzi plans to get Savo Milosevic,who in my opinion is ideal...Anyway,look at last years midfield:

Dino Baggio
Dabo (from half season)

Now look our lined up next year midfield:

Dino Baggio
Sergio Conceicao
And one more left midfielder between Jorgensen (most likely) or Overmars (yeah right)
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