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Salas will be sold

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It seems almost certain that Salas will be sold. Very sad day for me that my favourite player will be sold. But i guess if its better for Lazio then so be it. But i don't want crag next year to be lookibg back and saying i've done it again and try to buy him back

also i hope this sale will not be to buy rivaldo..

it seems he will be sold to Inter or Juventus
I hope it will be Inter as i think he will play more there and i like inter more than Juve (not trying to offend anyone :))

however i have a feeling that next season we will play against inter with salas and vieri and BOOOOM Matador and Bobo will leave us for dead (hopefully not but this is quite possible)

well good luck to Matador in his new club (if he does leave which is 90%)

we will definately buy 2 top strikers for next year!!
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It's indeed sad if Salas leaves, as he is one of my favorite players too. And we definitly don't need Rivaldo! His poor performance during Valencia-Barcelona is proof of that. It will be a lot better to get Claudio Lopez and maybe Hasselbaink.
Sad story for all Lazio fans.
This season has not been a success for our EL MATADOR :(, but lets not forget what he has done for us in the past :).
Do anybodey know if he wants to be sold and in that case witch team do he prefer ?

I agree with you El matador, if he goes to Inter and Vieri stays - BOOM - they do great magic together.

Well lets hope that he get the chanse to play the remaining games of this season and win us the Schudetto.

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I am also very sad if Salas leaves, he is (although his bad form) a true laziale and a very lojal player. But guys remember nothing is clear- it´s still possible that Salas stays, I mean the Cragnottis have said themselves that there is not going to be any big changes for next year!!

Forza Lazio
+ Vieri,not in Inter,but with LAZIOOOOOOOO!!!

im sad too cause he got bad season this year. We should keep him for another year to see if he'd fix himself. EL MATADOR 4 EVER in LAZIO ! DONT LEAVE PLEASE !!!!

I would be very sad if he leaves, but then all you people want to get "two world calss stikers" and keep Inzaghi so that only one of the three players play a game right? and then when they have maybe 2 bad games and sit on the bench the next 3 games(salas) he gets frustrated with the coach when he needs to feel secure and have confidence with his coach (Chelsea vs. Lazio). Hopefully your two world calss strikers dont leave after 1 or 2 years because you cannot win a scudetto that way.

That's it!!!!

Nonone is f***ing leaving right now, so it's about time you shut the f*** up and start thinking about...


f*** all the other sh*t and transfer rumours, right now all our players are wearing our colors, and that's all that counts, so please cut it out with this sh*t!

When the season is over you say whatever the f*** you want, but now it's time to think about..




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I don´t care if the whole team leaves and we get 11 guys from canada in our starting line-up. I would still be laziale, so let´s support the jersey and not only our favorite players...
Like cecco said, concentrate on the rest of the season, silly season comes after that. Lazio needs our support now, let´s stop playing coaches all the time and start acting like fans

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