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Salas,Deki,Frey+30$ for Crespo,Buffon...

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...is what Lazio is giving us.


The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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...and in fact Tanzi is trying the other way round: he wants Matias Almeyda to be swapped with Dino Baggio and Saliou Lassissi.
Lassissi could be useful but at Lazio Dino Baggio would be third choice behind Simeone and Sensini.
Thumbs down!

hahahahhahhahaa.... if Tanzi really sell Crespo and Buffon, i will say Tanzi is the stupiest man on earth.. hahahhahaha

Although Salas is good and all, Crespo is the man for Parma :) :)!! He is a statue for Parma and Parma should kept him till he retires from soccer man!!!

as for Buffon, he isn't as impresive this season compared to previous seasons... However he is still young and there is a lot he can do in Parma so.. Tanzi, now you understand???

by the way Amo, Frey is at Inter, not Lazio. Unless there is another Frey in Lazio or else this is one lousy rumour.
They are going to buy him from Inter and give him to Parma Lawrencio. ('m talking about Frey)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
really??? man~~~ ... :( :(
well i am totally againt the sell of Frey from Inter to Lazio anyway (you know why), and if Lazio really just want to buy and then sell Frey, S#@$ Nazio!!!
Frey + Deki instead of Buffon? Well, footballwise it's not that bad. But Gigi is the MAN for us and the most loved goalkeeper in Italy. Tanzi would be stupid to let someone like him go.

Stankovich, well. I'd rather see Nakata, Rui Costa or Alex... Deki's still young and all. But the problem is that he is non-EU.

Salas + $30M for Crespo. Wow! If it wasn't Hernan I would take it. Salas is better with his head than Crespo is but he lacks the killer instinct of Hernan. But Amoroso-Salas could be a great pair. But not as great as Crespo-Amoroso of course... :(

Dino + Saliou for Almeyda? Hmm, why not? Malesani obviously doesn't have any faith in Lassissi and Baggio is worthless in his present form. I don't think Almeyda is all that great but it's not a bad trade.

Hear the triumphal march of Parma!
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Frey for Buffon not so much difference exept that Buffon is setteld at parma and probaly more expierenced.
Stankovic is good but non EU and young and we have anough young midfielders(dabo, bolano, husain, lauren etame, etc)
Salas i don't like him and Crespo signed a new contract so he won't go.
30$ thats what i like Cragnotti maby Maini, Strada, Moro and Ortega?(finally get rid of this guy)
Lassisi + buffon for Almeyda sure any time!
Willem, Buffon is way better than Frey.
I don´t understand those who thinks Buffon doesn´t have had a good year.
He has saved us many times this season like Milan home and Bari away.

In my opinion Toldo and Kahn is the only keepers who can be compared with Gigi.
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