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Marcelo Salas is not quite ready to give up his hopes of staying with Lazio, last year's Serie A champions and Italian Cup winners. He seems intent on being a member of the Roman club - who have made it clear that they no longer want his services - if Parma does not offer him a deal that would pay him at least $5 million per year. Parma's offer, which is believed to be increased over the $3.5 million they originally proposed, is still short of this mark.
Salas' agent, Gustavo Mascardi, has asked the team to wait an additional couple of days before they give up the Chilean striker. Parma complied by delaying its purchase of Yugoslavian forward Zaragoza Savo Milosevic until Mascardi has had a shot at convincing Salas to take the deal that is currently on the table. Parma has made it clear that they would prefer to have Salas over Milosevic if the finances can be worked out.

Mascardi and Salas are in Miami discussing the situation. The agent's persuasive skills have proven to be inadequate in earlier attempts to talk the Chilean into making the move to Parma, and this appears to be his last chance before Parma closes the window on the deal for good.
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