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Well, well...

That stank. We deserved to lose. I can't imagine what Malesani was thinking. Breda?? It's embarassing. The hole where a playmaker should be was - as ever - VERY evident.

Thank you Stanic for a great consolation goal. But you're still not a striker in my book.

Malesani - is he losing his marbles? Starting Breda was a bit strange. But subbing Bolano was SUICIDAL. He was the strongest force in our midfield. Without him they ran rampant over us. DiVaio is an excellent striker, but he can't hold the ball in midfield - or win it, or pass consistently. That made me CRAZY.

The following players should NOT start:

If we're going anywhere next season we've got to strengthen all of these positions. Period. Otherwise, forget it. Another season of mediocrity.

Buffon - 7 some great saves, controlled crosses, fearless face to face, the Gigi we know and love. Without him it would have been 5-1 again.
Sartor - 5 a mediocre player who is lucky to be in Thuram's shadow. Poor positioning, uninspired passing.
Thuram - 6.5 very good, but lonely. Unfortunately, with the team in the shape it was in today he really stood out.
Cannavaro - 6.5 also excellent. Possibly a bit better than Thuram today. I thought he had an excellent game. Especially his anticipation.
Fuser - 5.5 Hate to say it, but Fuser never woke up for this game today. Sad. He had some decent moments but never seemed to come to life. Nor was his passing up to snuff.
Bolano - 6.5 Very good. If everyone had been playing like him we might have won. Always made things difficult for them in midfield. Passed very well, great skills on the ball. If only his finishing were a little better...
Breda - 5.5 a decent performance from an uninspiring player. He's very good at harrying the other team in midfield. But that's about it.
Baggio - 6.5 Dino had a good game. Period. He was very solid, fought hard and his passing was good. He almost scored. Almost made me want to keep him.
Vanoli - 4.5 Ouch! Last year he was so good. Was it luck? That bad back pass to Gigi was pure Serie B/Premiereship stuff. ( ;)) Anyway. Poor Paolo. He needs a total turn around or replacement. Everything was looking so bright last year. But today he was pretty bad.
Crespo - 5 Who? To be fair, he had little or NO service - as usual.
Amoroso - 5.5 Had some good moments, but was pretty uninspired. He certainly didn't look like he was in a playoff.
Stanic - 6 The man's always got heart, and it was a nice goal - vintage Mario. But we needed more.
DiVaio - 5.5 Had one really good play which could have changed the game. But - a true striker - USELESS in mid.

P.S. Serena was GREAT. And don't even TRY to tell me otherwise. If I were an Inter fan I'd be laughing all the way home. He mad Fuser's life MISERABLE!

One more thing. Malesani has GOT to realize that for the 3 man defense to work we need THREE world class defenders. NOT two. Thuram and Cannavaro are super players. But they can't do it by themselves. Ditto the midfield. Defense will never be able to hold it together when the midfield is constantly being overrun. And once Bolano was out that's exactly what they did - overran us. I was starting to have flash backs to the 5-1 nightmare.

One more time: Vanoli, Breda, Sartor. These three positions MUST be filled with FIRST RATE players. Otherwise, forget it, we're just Bologna on steroids.

Also, we need a back up for Fuser. God, I wish we'd gotten Lauren.

Sigh... :(
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