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I saw a Swedish documentary on North Korea. If the North Korean goverment had seen the end result they would never have let in any Swedes in their country and when they do I bet they never will again. Note, I did unfortunately not see the whole documentary.

Note: this is not for faint-hearted

Yes a country that is most likely the saddest part of human civilisation at this moment. As for the footage that they took in North Korea they where not slow in telling us they had guards (supposedly armed) following their every step and telling them what they could take pictures of. (Of course those guards was not on any photos). note: obviously, the ones saying bad things about NK was not living there anymore.

Brainwashing. It is no doubt that the people there believe all problems they have is because of other countries and the communist enemies in the country (that is sent into camps, more about that later). We had 7 year old kids that said that "Bush is the enemy and the root to all evil". their president is of course the best person in the universe. with his picture and statues everywhere we have the closest we can come to the nightmarish future visions that was pictured already early in the last century. I believe that they don't need to point that many guns to make people there say such things, as we know from Hitlers Germany how easily led people can be.

Friendly leaders. they also had a short interview with a NK general. He didn't talk about how they are prepared to defend themself or something, he talked about wether they would strike first or second.

The camps. they had interviews with two former workers in two of these camps and showed some documentary proof of their existance. This is the closest we can come the camps in Nazi Germany or the torture chambers in Cambodia. since one of the interviewed worked in "camp 22" it is easy to assume there is more than one in existance.

First we had the man who worked as a guard and more importantly torturer. He had no remorse, could barerly register conscience. He told us that a torturer only was alllowed to torture for 5 years and then was replaced. He also added that he took pleasure from torturing, he tought it was fun at that time (without adding that he feels any regret now). They where evil you know, yes he added that he believed them to be evil, the ones he tortured, he didn't even feel any remorse for the kids (he was asked about that directly). But it is more and worse. If a political prisoner breaked some rule (unsure about what rule(s) he talked about or wether he just talked about political prisoners in common, was checking on my cooking) he was killed. But it did not stop at that, his family was also killed. But it did not stop at that, the 5 families that lived closest to him was also killed. They where killed because they shared "a collective burden for his crimes". The interviewed said that he once killed 36 persons (men, women and children) because of the "fault" of one person.

Next it was about the biological and chemical weapons test they had. Those where done in the camps, on humans of course and only on healthy humans. the next interviewed was a woman that had worked there. she said that she had been given vegetables with some substance on them and was to feed that to 50 healthy women. She then described in detail about what happened. First some began screaming that her stomach hurt and seconds later they where almost all laying down in pains. After that black blood began pouring out their mouths, noustrils and ass. Within 20 minutes all 50 where dead.

The "torture" man also said what he knew about this. He said that they made controlled experiments in glass chambers. They usually used 3 persons in the test, almost always family (yes kids too). They had three chambers, for different kind of gases. He said that when he saw the parents trying to save their kid from suffocating by giving him mouth to mouth in the "suffocate gas" chamber he finally felt his conscience biting and realised they where people. :sob: (sorry there)

South Korea. This bit is as sad as everything. Now what upholds North Koeras catastrpohic economy? Well except selling weapons that is. Yes, the answer is south Korea, who pours billions into NK to "pacify" them. Not often have I heard some more horrificly stupid. I bet you know where this monet end up and if you are thinking about food you are either very hungry or very stupid.

Let me add, millions have died out of starvation in NK, is someone believing that it could not be avoided? :rolleyes:

I say if any people would need to be released of it's dictator, look no longer nor shorter than this.

Here is some other interesting documents:
NK army is not that much up to par: http://www.g2mil.com/korea.htm
About USA-NK: http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2002/4/25/143656.shtml
Millitary spending: http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/rankorder/2034rank.html

Yes last note: Communism :rolleyes:
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