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Would Athletic "saca la gabarra" if we won a Copa Del Rey or European trophy (came close twice in 2012), or will the tradition be only for winning La Liga?

Love what De Marcos said the other day:

"[Y]o quiero ser campeón con el Athletic y si me ofrecieran otro destino que me asegura títulos, no me interesa, mi ambición es ser campeón aquí, sacar la gabarra, vivir eso que solo han podido vivir unos pocos. Por no hablar del dinero. Personalmente, me siento valorado, muy bien pagado aquí y no me movería por ganar seis millones de euros al año. Hay gente que lo verá de otra forma y me parece bien, cada uno es cada uno, no critico a nadie y no me voy a enfrentar a quienes decidieron dejar el Athletic, les respeto, pero yo solo me iría de aquí cuando dejara de interesarle al club."

"I want to be champion with Athletic and if I was offered to go to another place where I would be assured to win titles, it doesn't interest me. My ambition is be a champion here, take the barge, live a life that only few have led. Don't mention money. Personally, I feel valued, well paid here and I would not move to earn six million euros per year. Some people will see it differently and that's fine. Everyone is their own person. I'm not going to criticize anyone and I'm not going to confront those who decided to leave Athletic. I respect them, but I'm not leaving here until the club is no longer interested in me."

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