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yahalwa ya halawa..we have an international...guy now in the mahafel eldawleya...
so cant u use the (cossa) to make us an even middle eastern forum....i wount ask for an ahly one .or egyptians abroad..one...i hope iam not asking for too much....i think tunisian will be happy too with it...salam

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Well personally I think its really difficult, and if I were Jan and got this request I would refuse it, just think of it, if we need a Middle Eastern or African forum how many are we ? Me, you, Tunisian, RamsesII, almeyda+parma, + some others and thats about it, of course some people will post there but if every group wants a forum the site will run out of space (Let alone a forum for Ahly, Zamalek, Taraji, or Safaxi). Anyways I think if we get enough people to post under this subject we might be able to although I doubt it, check the "WE WANT BOSNIAN FORUM" topic..

Lets all stick here until we get more people then we can see about it..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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