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SA in europe this week

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pizarro scored again for bayern in its 2-1

solano had 2 assists in newcastles 3-2 win

mendoza scored for club brugge in its 1-1 draw
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Jardel scores two for SCP in a 3-1 win.

Ronaldo scores 2 for Inter.

Uruguayan Jose Franco scores for Torino.

Uruguayan Javier Chevanton scores 2 for Lecce.
Chilean Francisco Arrue (Ex Catolica) scored two on his team win in Switzerland ....

Lucerne 4 Delemont 1

Also Gabriel Alvez scored for Olympiakos in Greece.
Week End of 4-19 to 4-21

Bundesliga News .......

St Pauli 0 Hamburg 4

Bernardo Romeo (X- San Lorenzo) scores two .. :excited:
claudio pizarro scored again:confused:
nOT THERE YET (2nd Time Around) ..IN eUROPE...BUT ...........

Uruguay striker Abreu says La Coruna want him

MEXICO, April 23 (AFP)

Uruguayan striker Sebastian Abreu, who plays for Mexican club Cruz Azul, has said top Spanish club Deportivo La Coruna were interested in signing him.
Abreu, who came on as substitute in Victor Pua's side in their April 17 1-1 draw against Italy in Milan, said he hoped Cruz Azul would show him the same consideration as they had given to Mexico internationals Oscar Perez and Melvin Brown, who are preparing for the football showcase in Korea and Japan.
Abreu, who has a contract at Cruz Azul till 2003, said his parent club and Deportivo officials needed first to agree before negotiations could begin for a possible return to the Spanish club.

Last Saturday it was the final of the Greek Cup.AEK won this and it's player Carlos Gamarra celebrated with the Paraguayan flag.

In the match which ended 2-1,Giovanni scored and took a red card...this may be his last match in Greece...
Captain Kostas .... who did Estay play for there in Greece ?? and Rubio too ???

BTW .. Just FYI Chile's Santiago Morning, the Team known as the Buses Owners Union .. is Presided by a Greek Chilean by the last name of Marinakis !!!! :cool:
People say that:'in every corner of the earth you will find one Greek"...

Yes,colocolo,Fabian Estay played in Greece.It was around 1995 and his team was Olympiakos.Although he did not leave the best impressions and he left.When he was here he suggested Olympiakos to take Zamorano but the clever men of my team said:"He is short for us,we want to give height in our team":eek:And he went to Real Madrid!!
The South American triple threat gave Inter a push toward the Scudetto. Ivan Cordova, Alvaro Recoba and Ronaldo all scored in their victory over Piacenza.
how many has ron scored now?
Condor in your starting eleven for Peru where is Pajuelo or Rebosio or especially the star Nolberto Solano??Have you got better players than him???I doupt!
well pajuelo sucks he made rebosio defende for 2 in the qualifiers

solano will be 32 by 2006 and for some reason he sucks for the national team he only played well against colombia id still have him on the bench

out of the 11 i chose probably 8 were not given a decent run in the qualifiers
can someone delete my repeated post?
Done ;)
Cordoba and Perugia part ways...The Italian First Division team has announced they will not be requiring the Colombian services into the 2002-2003 Campaign.
Cordoba and his agents are presently looking at other European Clubs before setting sight back in S America.

thats weird i thought he was playing well for them:confused:
condor111, cordoba did play quite well in perugia, president lucianno gaucci even stated that publicly. the reason for his return is the price boca juniors are asking for. £5 million for a 32 year old. thats why perugia aren't taking up the permanent deal. perugia dont have money to throw around on players, so they do it prudently and as effectively as they can.

i'm sure we'll see him in another european club soon though.
We must see him in an other european club as he is one of the best goalkeepers if not of the world then of south america.
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