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Well letus not start an argument here guys about who watches more football on T.V. hahaah really.....we must be more mature than that.

I apologize for my partin it....my tone was quite abbrasive.

The bottom line is that i think he is a great player and you guys do not it is as simple as that.

FORZA ZE'ELIAS!!!!!!!!!!

WAZUP Za.......we miss you bro. I'll check out the Brazillian forum before next weeks big game where we will skin you Brazileros alive :):)

FORZA ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!! Grande Biancocelesti

The only good thing about Ze Elias was the Champions League game against Man utd when he dived and convinced everyone that Gary Neville chopped his legs off, and the other good thing was that he was getting Man utd yellow cards because they couldn't be patient enough with him. He's still only a youngster anyway Im sure he'll improve considerably but I still think that he'll never make it as a regular international.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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