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Best WC Squad?

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Stanislav Cherchesov Germany Dynamo Dresden
Dmitri Kuznetsov Spain Espanyol
Sergei Gorlukovich Germany Bayer Uerdingen
Dmitri Galiamin Spain Espanyol
Yuri Nikiforov Russia Spartak Moskva
Vladislav Ternavski Russia Spartak Moskva
Andrei Piatnitski Russia Spartak Moskva
Dmitri Popov Spain Racing Santander
Oleg Salenko Spain Logroñés
Valery Karpin Russia Spartak Moskva
Vladimir Beschastnykh Russia Spartak Moskva
Omari Tetradze Russia Dynamo Moskva
Sergei Ovchinnikov Russia FC Lokomotiv Moscow
Igor Korneev Spain Espanyol
Dmitri Radchenko Spain Racing Santander
Dmitri Kharine (c) England Chelsea
Ilia Tsymbalar Russia Spartak Moskva
Viktor Onopko Russia Spartak Moskva
Aleksandr Mostovoi France Caen
Igor Lediakhov Russia Spartak Moskva
Dmitri Khlestov Russia Spartak Moskva
Sergei Yuran Portugal Benfica

Ruslan Nigmatullin
Yuri Kovtun
Yuri Nikiforov
Alexey Smertin
Andrei Solomatin
Igor Semshov
Viktor Onopko (c)
Valery Karpin
Yegor Titov
Aleksandr Mostovoi
Vladimir Beschastnykh
Stanislav Cherchesov
Vyacheslav Dayev
Igor Chugainov
Dmitri Alenichev
Aleksandr Kerzhakov
Sergei Semak
Dmitri Sennikov
Ruslan Pimenov
Marat Izmailov
Dmitri Khokhlov
Dmitri Sychev
Aleksandr Filimonov

Igor Akinfeev
Yuri Lodygin
Sergey Ryzhikov
Sergei Ignashevich
Aleksandr Anyukov
Vasili Berezutski
Aleksei Berezutski
Dmitri Kombarov
Andrey Yeshchenko
Aleksei Kozlov
Vladimir Granat
Georgi Schennikov
Andrei Semyonov
Yuri Zhirkov
Vladimir Bystrov
Roman Shirokov
Igor Denisov
Alan Dzagoev
Denis Glushakov
Viktor Fayzulin
Aleksandr Samedov
Oleg Shatov
Aleksei Ionov
Yuri Gazinskiy
Pavel Mogilevets
Aleksandr Kerzhakov
Pavel Pogrebnyak
Aleksandr Kokorin
Artyom Dzyuba
Maksim Kanunnikov

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That's a toughy between '94 and '02 especially because the 8 year difference and player overlap (Mosto, Karpin, Onopko for example not in their prime in '94 but a bit past it in '02). Also no Shalimov in '94 and Loskov left out in '02.

If we'd qualified for Euro 2000 that would have been the best one imo.

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I'd go with 94, that was a squad that had the talent to go deep tino the tournament, but half of them fell out with Sadyrin and tried to get him sacked via petition.Then most of those didn't even go and the ones that went back on their word played like shit.

no team unity and just bad professionalism all-round and Sadyrin wasn't a good manager.Oleg Veretennikov really should have gone(as he should have at 96) to give them more firepower.Though more of an attacking mid\support forward for Rotor, he was by far the best finisher and goal threat Russia had at the time, but the Spartak bias ensured he was never given a chance.The attack should have been built around him.

02 had a very strong possession oriented midfield with lots of potential creativity, but an aging, injury ridden defence and Romantsev was shot as a manager by then.Mostovoi getting injured right before the tournament didn't help either, and Nigmatullin was horrendous after getting no playing time at Verona all year.


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btw, sad how Korneev and Ledyakhov fell off the radar completely for the national team after 94.both were very talented and should have done a lot more with their career.

ledya was a nutcase, mind you.
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