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Hey I have a question… Am I the only one that hates the whole transfer ordeal? "This one is coming… I heard that he is leaving…" I don’t like this. Rumors, rumors, rumors. Why can they talk about the deals after they are finalized? I know that a lot of people may like this, but not me. I just like watching the soccer matches (now that's exciting), especially PORTUGAL and BENFICA.


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LadyEagle I agree with you. I get tired of all the rumors as well and for some reason every year it seems to escalate. I think the media should take most of the blame, but also the players and the fans. The players agents perpetuate some of these so they can get better contracts and some of the fans love these rumors, especially because it allows them to imagine their favorite teams with all kinds of great players. But we just have to wait them out and see what it comes out of them, discuss them in a smart way and then move on.

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well i have to disagree because i like the rumours and the media also have a job to do.
I like it when benfica gets linked with a player i like it as it gives an insight in to what type of thing benfica is aiming for becasue about 50% of rumours are true and it also gives us info be4 any of the clubs would give it to us.
SLB, that is exactly what I said, “I know that a lot of people may like this, but not me.” I don’t really understand why, but I accept the fact that people may like it.

I personally blame the media and the player’s agents. I don't believe anything that people say until I see the proofs.

(I don’t want to repeat myself) But my point is that what I like is the sport. And like I said, I like matches. There lies the beauty and the excitement of soccer…

Well transfer rumours can be annoying but what can you do ?? If you cant talk about transfers then what will you talk about now that the season is over ???
I personally talk about my national team (who just scored a goal against Wales). And I don’t mind talking about transfers, but not rumors. I don’t care about any player until they are officially players for Benfica.

Silence is golden. If you have nothing constructive to say, then I say "Don’t say anything at all".

This is not directed at anyone in specific, it is my opinion generally.

Sorry i misread youre post i agree that the only beuaty is in the football but i like rumours to spice it up esapecially in the summer when their isnt a major tournament as it can get very boring!
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