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Rumors about transfers.......at least!

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With this championship going to the end, now it's time for the transfers campaign.
Local newspapers report about news regarding to the new coach,
Mr. Novellino now doing a great job in Piacenza ,Italian Serie A, good friend of our new technical manager Mr. Marotta.
It's our understanding that the two togheter will bring to Sampdoria some palyers they know very well and in which they trust .
So we've listened talking about Viali, central defender now playing in Lecce ,Serie A, Gautieri ( right midfielder/attaccker),Volpi (central midfielder) two players already working with Novellino in Piacenza, but above all Gianni Comandini, young and promising forwarder now playing for Atalanta.
Note that all of the above mentioned are playing in Serie A, and we're talking about a serie B squad (Sampdoria). This is an evidece of the future programs of our new board.
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Taibi to turn down Sampdoria Monday 15 April, 2002


Atalanta ‘keeper Massimo Taibi looks unlikely to join Sampdoria next season despite being heavily linked with the club.

The No 1 was seen as a top priority for the Serie B outfit as they look to start a new era at the Marassi Stadium in an attempt to win back promotion to the top flight.

However, Taibi is set to stay in Bergamo despite a problematic campaign since his summer switch from Reggina.

"Atalanta have made a big investment in Taibi and the player, with all due respect for Samp, has no intention of playing in the Second Division," said his agent Fabio Parisi.

The former Milan and Manchester United man has recently been performing to his standards of old even if he admits that it has been a tough campaign for him.

"I would say that the season has been positive for Atalanta even if it has been less so for me. I can’t say that I am totally satisfied with how I’ve played," said the ex-Piacenza and Venezia ace.

"I struggled in the first half of the campaign after I was heavily criticised for making a few errors. At that stage of the season it just seemed as if all the ills of the side were down to me.

"This hasn’t been my best year but it is not easy to adapt to new surroundings and I did have some specific problems in pre-season training which affected my early performances."

Atalanta moved for Taibi after Under-21 international Ivan Pelizzoli moved to Roma for £8m after a stunning debut season in the top flight last term.

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The Goalkeeper

Regarding to the goalkeeper for the next season, we have recently heard talking about Alessio Scarpi, now in Ancona (Serie B) as new 'keeper for Sampdoria; he has spent his football - life in Cagliari before passing half a season with no team that wanted him for playing.
He's considered a good 'keeper and his age (28 - 29 i think) made him a man in which counting on for more than a season.
I'm sure that Marotta is already building a very good team for the next year. Volpi, Comandini, Taibi, Viali.... these are the rumours I like! One more year in Serie B and we'll be back to serie A. The nightmare is ending!
:) :) :) ;)
I remember seeing Commandini at the last U21 EC, great striker with a lot of potential, Gautieri is a veteran, a player every team can use.

Viali is a great defender who's proven himself in the Serie A, so I like where the club is finally heading, the ambition is there, the fans are there and soon the players will also be worth Serie A, makes you rather optimistic about the future....:)
I've heard too the names you did ,but I'm not very happy for theese names.
The reason for this fact is that I think that sampdoria needs all new players,and about this we agree all.The team we have now is just RUBBISH not more,not less.No.Rubbish is too much for people like Possanzini ,Luiso and Vasari,people that have no honour,people that go against sampdoria's supporters.People that fire the shirt they dress.People that speak about fights with the supporters while nothing of this has happened.People that doesn' do anything,I repeat anything in twenty match and that goes offended for some nice songs against their stupidity.
After the match with Crotone I'm really really angry with theese players.And not only them,but all the players.

In every way in theese years we have had players more or less famous and old,without so many motivations.
Probably it 's a problem of the modern football,but I think we need young players that had become anyone,young players that colud love the important shirt they dress.
For example Comandini will pass to serie B from serie A,I think he will repeat the big matches of Luiso,he will think to be in every way important but he will not put the soul and the heart in the matches.

In every way,the new managers have spoken about young players to engagee without big salaries,but now THE JOURNALISTS wrote theese names on the newspapers.
I think we have to wait,because we agree all that Volpi is a big player for serie B,but we have seen all how Vasari (that was a big player 4 years ago) fiinished:a butt.head without honour that doesn't run because he doesn' want,like the children.

And later the end of serie B will be very very very difficult I'm very angry and sad but I'm still proud to be a SAMPDORIA 'supporters.
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