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1. Respect
The Xtratime community is global in the sense that we embrace all nationalities and races. We have members from pretty much every location on the planet and as we're this diversified from scratch we are all bound to have different views on these fundamental issues. Be tasteful about your posts and replies. Remember NO violent, political, religious, racist or vile posts will be tolerated, neither will personal attacks of any nature. Such behavior has nothing to do with supporting a football team. Respect your fellow members and they will respect you!

The Internet offers countless possibilities if you have particular interest in discussing these very emotional subjects, and management is adamant that we won't let arcane grudges nor current political/religious fights destroy the normally friendly atmosphere we have here. We are not a "thought police" nor do we try to be dictators, deleting and banning people left and right because they hold certain sympathies, but we kindly ask you to consider the effect your comments can have on others. Put yourself in the position of the recipient before pressing submit.

2. Etiquette

Your opinion is exactly that, it's yours! This ought to be logical, but it seems it's not. We are all experts on our own opinion but apart from debating the merits of an issue and trying to promote and communicate your view on this or that you can't do anymore. No one's opinion is more correct than anyone else's. This community was created as a place to discuss and debate. All members have a right to voice their opinions. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

4. Authority
Forum Managers are there to ensure the forums are staying within the community atmosphere and should be treated with respect.

Any disputes should be dealt with via PM's. If outside assistance is required, contact a Community Manager or Administrator for help with the resolution. Community Managers and Administrators have the last say. Period.

5. Signatures & Avatars
Signatures and Avatars (provided by the site or your own) are allowed as a way to personalize your presence in the community.

a. For example, any use of this flag ( http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/9594/mk1992prb0.gif ) or (http://www.tridentmilitary.com/New-Photos14/gr129.jpg ) iss prohibited at Xtratime. If you would like to use a flag the official Macedonian or Greek flag can be used.

b. No images/avatars of a Greater Macedonia or Greece taking territory from other countries as this is offensive. Nor is the Star of Vergina allowed in combination with Greek or Macedonian colours.

c. No references to Alexander or ancient Macedon and its history allowed. It causes to much controversy and this is a football forum, not history/political.

d. No offensive locations and titles.

All rules apply to these areas just as they do to your messages. Keep the community fun and don't abuse the personal touches that have been built in for you!

I have outlined a few of the rules of XT.
Please read and comply
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