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Rui Costa wants to leave Fiorentina

With an email sent to the press from the retreat of Portugal few days before the start of European Championship, Manuel Rui Costa sets to leave Fiorentina.

"I don't think I have still to wait for the meeting with the president Vittorio Cecchi Gori to make public my will to be sold. I want to face Euro 2000 with the mind free of other thoughts, for respect to myself, to my team mates, to my coach and to the whole Portuguese soccer Board" Rui Costa wrote.

The email continued "The long and useless wait for a date with the person I thought to be the one nearest me, it shows still better my time in Fiorentina is over. I stayed six years in Florence, and five of them were wonderful seasons. I always believed Fiorentina could be the only team where I could play before to come back to Benfica. And I never opened negotiations with other clubs in this time, despite I had several offers. I just asked the respect from the club of the agreements we pointed out, and I have to admit this happened the most of times".

"I think I kept a fair behaviour in my staying here, so I always thought that if one day I should get a doubt or a problem, well someone would have heard me. But this isn't happening now, despite my friend Giancarlo Antognoni said the contrary".

"It's not my habit to make this kind of announcement through the press, but it seems the only way to have attention on me! I know I'm going to give a great sorrow to Fiorentina's supporters, and I think it's not necessary to explain how great is that of mine. And I excuse myself even with the new coach, surely I would have liked to work with him in a different situation. It's now time for my president to decide if to force me to stay for the contract I signed or to show me the respect he always showed me in my time in Florence, respect I think to deserve".

Finally Rui Costa underlined in the email that "despite all the press rumours at the moment there isn't any negotiation or agreement with other clubs".
To put it simple,if Tanzi misses on Rui Costa now,I will simply loose any faith in him.I dont care if he doesnt want to join,he loves Malesani and if Tanzi doubles or triples his wage he will come!


Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!

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Hmmm... I doubt we'll get him. It will take some serious cash and some serious persuation to take him to the Tardini. We'll have to fight off the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and Milan, ie the four of the richest and prestigous clubs in the world. Parma is a top 15 on that list in my view. We do have a thing going for us though and that's Malesani.

If I was a player (without being a Parma fan) I would like to play for any of these clubs (in order).

1. AC Milan
2. Real Madrid
3. Barcelona
4. Juventus
5. Inter
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