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Rui costa has two choices

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by Adam Marshall

RUI COSTA'S future looks to be either with Fiorentina or Serie A rivals Milan.
The Portuguese playmaker, a potential star of Euro 2000, is deliberating over whether to follow Gabriel Batistuta's lead and quit the Florence club. However, new coach Fatih Terem may be able to persuade the midfielder to stay.

"I stay with Fiorentina, or I will go to Milan," said Rui Costa. "Others do not interest me."

Portugal coach Humberto Coelho has already expressed concern at the transfer speculation concerning his star man Luis Figo, and he will want the rumours surrounding Rui Costa to die down before the tournament gets underway.


Didn't someone (Amoroso) say that Rui Costa desperately wanted to join Malesani at Parma? And what is Milan trying to do? Destroy us by signing all of our targets? I hate Milan! I hate Inter, Roma, Lazio and Juventus too of course... :)
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Heh, I doubt that only Parma can spot his talent...
Sometimes I think that people here can't understand what I write. Is it something about my language that make things unclear? I wrote: "Didn't someone (Amoroso) say that Rui Costa desperately wanted to join Malesani at Parma?" As we all should know Malesani was Rui's coach a few years ago and ever since then Malesani have been aiming to bring him to Parma. Now it seemed as Rui Costa himself wanted to come to Parma. That has abolutely NOTHING to do with other clubs wanting him to and absolutely NOTHING to do whether he's a champion or not. I just asked why a player that previously was reported to want to join Parma now is claimed by optasoccer.com to be choosing either Viola or Milan...
Because optasoccer.com is an English website trying to make a living.

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
Yeah and Thuram wants to oin Manure.How many times have we said that we should never trust english websites?

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
We have already got Micoud, why bother having another playmaker?

Rui Costa is a champion and every club in the world would want him. But i would stick with Ortega, i think he is freak with too much skill. But i thought Micoud was like a midfielder, not a plymaker like rui costa.

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