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Rui Costa doubtful for World Cup

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I hate to hearof the possibility of anyone having to miss the world cup due to injury , but there is no doubt that wihtout Rui Costa on the field we have a better chance of getting points out of the Portugese. For some reason i cant copy and paste the article , but to read more about it go to www.planetfootball.com then chose italy on the side menu on the left. The problem is he has a reocurring thigh problem and is undergoing test. The rest is at that site
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In an interview Rui stated that he anticipates his return in 7 to 10 days and plans a trip to Fatima to counter this current streak of bad luck. He should just allow enough time for his injury to heal rather than relying on superstitions.
Now, if someone can put a bounty on Figo. Similar to the one put on Beckham.:rolleyes:
Can't we just pool our money and put the bounty on a Polish player?
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