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This is for all you new INTERISTI who wudn't know better than to believe this bullox

'El Chino' Recoba in gold and goals haul on the old continent
PARIS, May 18 (AFP)

Uruguayan striker Alvaro Recoba's goals and fiercely tenacious attitude have seen him survive several setbacks to become one of the world's most highly rated strikers.
He made an instant impact on his Inter Milan debut five seasons ago when as a virtual unknown he handed three points to Inter with two goals from two sensational strikes against Brescia.
At 26 he can now rub shoulders with the likes of Brazil's Ronaldo and Italy's Christian Vieri on equal terms.
In fact recent reports suggest Ronaldo's agents are unhappy with his salary while Recoba is believed to be the highest paid player in the Italian football league, reputedly earning eight million euros a season.
Inter signed Recoba in full knowledge of his prolific strike rate at Nacional de Montivideo, where he banged in 57 goals in 51 games.

Ok ok this is almost true...but Vieri i sthe best paid at INTER and not Recoba. Also as far as i know the gols in Uruguay are right 57 goals in 51 games i think it is.

And in his first season at Inter he amassed a remarkable 15-goal haul in just 19 matches,

This is bull**** guys. He scored 3 goals in Serie A that season with 8 appearances. The two gaainst Brescia and the other against empoli from the half way line.

despite coming on as a substitute in many of the games, earning himself the reputation as a saviour.

More bullSH!T

But it has not all been plain sailing for this deeply religious man known as 'El Chino' because of his oriental looks.
In 1999 Recoba was loaned out to Inter's league rivals Venezia after they signed Christian Vieri for a world record 30 million pounds.

This is more bullSH!T i cannot believe this is appearing on a site that wants to be taken seriously. Recoba and Vieri have spent every season together at INTER. It was in the 1998/99 season when we were getting washed out by Man Utd and Sampdoria that we loaned out Recoba and he scored 11 goals in 19 games.

Recoba responded with eleven goals in 19 games for Venezia, almost certainly saving them from relegation, a feat that saw him rushed back to Milan to sign his lucrative contract.

MORE BULL****.....when Recoba came back to INTER Recoba got the same sh!tty contract which was about 2000 US dollars a week or some such garbage. No wonder he chose to phuck over INTER :D:D for that huge assed wage he gets now.

Recoba then hit hard times in November 2000 when he was caught up in the false passports scandal that swept through the European game after the Italian heritage stated on his passport was called into question.
A trial saw him banned for the entire 2001-02 season and the striker, desperate to continue playing, was on the verge of a move to Spain before a fresh court decision reduced the ban to a less severe four months.
Two goals from Recoba in a 3-1 win over AS Roma sent Inter Milan three points clear in Italy in late March but the title once more eluded them.
So Recoba can only boast a UEFA Cup, won in 1998, as the sole prize during his time in Europe......

Most of the rest of teh article is indeed true. But these mistakes were key.....i just read it and had to comment. Chino's story deserves to be told honestly

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There u go...anyone can be the "reporter" these days!:rolleyes:

Good to see Tazzy still posting in this pathetic forum...:) :(
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