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Round 23: Athletic Club vs Recreativo

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Amorebieta and Javi Martínez are ready, Yeste is suspended and Llorente is out. Our striker got injured in the Spain-England, where he scored a good header.

After Llorente playing all the minutes now we'll see who covers his place, and if the team can play without him. The most similar player we have is Iñigo, but Caparrós doesn't like him, another option are Etxebe or Garmendia, even Del Olmo who is deserving a chance as starter but we'll probably play with Ion Vélez and Toquero upfront, good luck for both.

Sorry for being out these days, I'm very busy and I didn't almost have internet connection.
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I think this will be the lineup:


Iraola - Aitor Ocio - Amorebieta - Koikili

David López - Orbaiz - Javi Martínez - Gabilondo

Toquero - Ion Vélez​
When is Llorente back!?
Llorente had treatment on the sidelines during the Spain-England friendly so I presume hes carrying an injury from that game.

I'm as patriotic as anyone and really hate England losing but I have to admit when we're outclassed, and on Wednesday we were. Well done Spain and your technical ability was a joy to watch.

I also have to confess to knowing Llorente would score. All week I had a feeling he would after watching hs progress for the last few years (and championing him to anyone who'd listen on Football Manager!). If anyone was going to score against England, i'm glad it was him - he deserves it.
I must admit I cheered when Llorente scored against England. He deserved his goal and I can see him getting a few more caps for Spain in the future.

Hopefully he wont be out for too long because he's probably been our best player so far this season and we need the goals he's been getting us. However, it's an opportunity for someone else and hopefully Ion Vélez can step up and Toquero as well if he plays.

Nice to see Amorebieta back though.
I'm kinda bit worried about attack since Llorente and Yeste are out. Hopefully we can score some goals. Midfield looks pretty good though:hopeful:
Players called by Caparrós:

Iraizoz, Armando.
Amorebieta, Iraola, Aitor Ocio, Etxeita, Balenziaga.
David López, Garmendia, Gabilondo, Susaeta, Orbaiz, Gurpegi, Javi Martínez.
Toquero, Del Olmo, Etxeberria, Ion Vélez.

Suspended: Yeste.
Injured: Ustaritz, Murillo, Koikili, Llorente.
Out: Muñoz, Iñigo.

Llorente injured (don't think that for more than a week) and Iñigo doesn't even make the bench, surprising. Koi has had some problems during the week and Caparrós seems to prefer to rest him and avoid a possible injury, Balenziaga will play in the leftback.
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Ion Velez has been closed the last matches I have seen; think this is a good opportunity to start scoring goals:)


Iraola - Ocio - Amorebieta - Balenziaga

David Lopéz - Javimar - Orbaiz - Gabilondo

Etxebe :)neutral:) - Vélez​
Good call to put Etxebe up front, just hope he isn't too rusty after not playing for a while.
Recreativo one nil up half time. Aitor is the scorer.
Depending on the source it has been scored by Javi Martínez or Toquero. It's been a free kick very well taken by Gabilondo and between Javi and Gaizka have scored it.

Horrible first half performance by Athletic, and the beginning of the second was even worse. There was a clear penalty by Iraizoz to a Recre attacker who had been left alone in front of him, the referee didn't see it (Álvarez Izquierdo ehem). And since then it looks like we have waken up a bit, a couple of decent chances and the goal, let's see what happens now.
full time!?
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