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Round 20: FC Barcelona vs Racing Santander

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It was hard, but we achieved it. We won Real Sociedad and the first 3 points of the 6 points that we were going to play in the Camp Nou against supposed weaker teams.

Now we're facing Racing Santander. We won there 0-2 and their current situation in the standings is far from good. We can expect another rival defending with everything, so we must have patience. In any case, despite Racing's weakness in defense, they still have 2 of the strikers with more talent in La Liga: Javi Guerrero and Benayoun, and also Regueiro, who is a good player.

Then we must win again and, if it is with a convincing result, much better. Deco will go back to the squad, so the team will be the usual one, if there are not injuries.

In this week, Real Madrid faces the poor Mallorca, so I guess that they'll win. Valencia will have another difficult match against Villarreal, probably the team that is playing the best football right now in La Liga, with Riquelme and Forlan being unstoppable. So we must win to keep the 7 points gap with Madrid and probably we could increase the gap over Valencia over the pyschologic line of the 10 points.

So we better win, because in 2 weeks, we're going to Sevilla and that's going to be really difficult. At home, we must be unbeatables.

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This is the game i believe in which we must terrorise racing and not be another mediocre win FORCA BARCA!!!!!!!1
We beat them without much difficulty at their ground and I think we can achieve that again in Camp Nou if we pick up our game. We should win here convincingly to get our spirits back up before we face Sevilla. If everything goes right for us we will win easily.
I think this is where we'll see the Barça of the first few months. We should be able to convincingly beat them.

Should be good motivation before the Sevilla match, as Puyol_Cule mentioned.
Should be an easy victory for Barca, Racing's talent is in the attack, but whats the point if the midfield isn't going to supply them with enough balls.

Should be 3 easy points for Barca, 3-0.
considering that fact that barcelona are struggling to get back to their recent performances i guess this is the match that would bolster our moral and make our players perform like they used to do. If people are complainning about barca not winning with a huge goal margin i guess this is going to be the right match to go so. The players need to get back their confidence, and Ronaldinho needs to start moving a bit and get back to his form.
The only difficult part will be the dangerous counters from Racing, it will be a game almost identical in tactics as the one against La Real. Scoring much earlier will give the team the confidence to continue the attacking style without fearing so much the counters. Another 3 points is a must. La Liga se gana en casa!

The team also needs to start playing better, the CL games start soon and Chelsea has been playing so well, they are highly confident. FCB needs the same.
the full squad:

Valdés, Jorquera,Belletti, Márquez, Puyol, Xavi, Giuly, Etoo, Ronaldinho, Gio, Sylvinho, Fernando Navarro, Gerard, Deco, Oleguer, Iniesta, Damiá and Mora
I am expecting Barcelona to drop points in Sevilla next weekend, so if Racing can do us a favour I will be very happy. :happy:
El Fenómeno. said:
I am expecting Barcelona to drop points in Sevilla next weekend, so if Racing can do us a favour I will be very happy. :happy:
Valladolid what? :D
This is a scary time for Barcelona to drop points. Real Madrid have two (hypothetically) easy fixtures coming up (Mallorca and Numancia), and while our match against Santander is also hypothetically 3 points for us, we have to face Sevilla and Atletico in our next two fixtures after that. I am worried that the team is looking too tired, and I venture to say that this match can make or break our season. I think only a 3-0 win will be convincing, but I wouldn't be surprised if we finish with a 2-0 or 2-1.
Koeman4 said:
Valladolid what? :D
hahahah nice one, I think barca are going to win this match. The fans are getting desperate and eager for the team to get back on track and win 4-0 as i predicted :)
FC Barcelona9 said:
I dont think barca are not going to win this match.
Two negatives there, eh? Have you been doing logic classes? :)
We should be happy just to win (as always in La Liga). I quite frankly find all the 3 or 4-0 predictions quite ridiculous, given the fact that Racing no doubt will defend from minute 1, and we haven't been in marvelous goal scoring form as of late (to say the least).
3-1 wouldn't be a bad result or any 2 goal difference. We need to start scoring t obuild confidence and scare Chelski.

I am avoiding this forum, Cadena Ser, Livescore, Eurosport etc... because it seems that Sportsnet is showing this match on tape delay right after it ends at 4:00PM EST:


There is a huge snowstorm here in Toronto, and it looks like I can watch Barça in the comfort of my own home!!! :tongue: :thumbsup:

I figure I might as well skip the live updates on the net since the game is going to be on TV as soon as the final whistle is blown, which is when I would have known the final result anyways.

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AND WE ARE AWAY STRAIGHT AWAY 1-0!!!!!!!!!! ETO'O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xavi's ball through cut open the offside trap
LE21 forever!!! said:
AND WE ARE AWAY STRAIGHT AWAY 1-0!!!!!!!!!! ETO'O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xavi's ball through cut open the offside trap

Was it a nice goal?
they tried to play the offside trap, but didnt work
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