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The Less Worst Reigns! 30 Jan 2005 21:44:00

By Stathis Petropoulos

With the exception of Xanthi, whose players were impressive and unleashed their fury over Panathinaikos, the17th round of the football championship did not have anything good to show. Panathinaikos were defeated by 3-1 and undoubtedly disappointed football fans, but what concerns the most is the performance of Skazny뭩 players. The home team took control of the match from the very beginning with Zapropoulos and continued just as well with Luciano. Gonzalez temporarily reduced the score and Baykara gave the death blow formulating the final score of 3-1.

Not Good, But First

A few minutes later in the empty Karaiskakis stadium, Olympiacos started just as well as Xanthi and opened the score at the 3', but Ambelas tied the score right afterwards with one of the most amazing goals of this round, thus turning the match into a small derby. Olympiacos were not good at the second half, but still managed to claim victory and win the three points after Georgiadis' successful attempt. Within two days, Olympiacos made their fans more than happy as they managed to reoccupy the top of the points table and in fact with a significant difference from the second. Of course, the difference could have been less, if AEK had not stuck in the muddy turf of Kerkyra and if Giorgos Foiros' team had not kept their cool. However, that was not the case, as Kerkyra were cool enough to tie the score to 2-2.

Cretan Drama

The drama of the day evolved in the Pancretion stadium, where Cretan Ergotelis were prevailing over Kallithea for more than an hour. However, at the second minute of the extra time, Tsigas filled Gkekas' empty spot and eased things off for Lemonis' team with the precious point of draw. Egaleo had to try hard for almost 80 minutes and the final 2-0 is rather fictional and mostly due to OFI's breakdown, while in the other match of the 17th round, Chalkidona and Iraklis sufficed with a virgin draw (0-0). Yesterday, PAOK claimed an easy 1-0 victory against Panionios and Apollon Kalamaria shared the single point of the 1-1 draw with Ionikos.

Results in Detail

PAOK-Panionios 1-0
Chasiotis 70`

Ap. Kalamarias-?/STRONG>onikos 1-1
Petkakis 42` / Makor 53`

Ergotelis-Kallithea 1-1
Ogunsoto 30` / Tsigas +90`

Chalkidona-Iraklis 0-0

Kerkyra-좝?/STRONG> 2-2
Fofonka 30`, Niniadis 63` / Syros 2`-own goal, 58` Ivic

Xanthi-Panathinaikos 3-1
Zapropoulos 6`, Luciano 37`, Baykara 67` / Gonzalez 42`

Olympiacos-Aris 2-1
Okkas 3`, Georgiadis 59` / Ambelas 4`

Egaleo-OFI 2-0
Alexopoulos 78`, Manousakis 86'

Top Scorers

10 goals: Gkekas (Kallithea), Luciano (Xanthi)

9 goals: Ogunsoto (Ergotelis), Machlas (OFI)

8 goals: Soares (AEK), Giovanni (Olympiacos)

7 goals: Barkoglou (Egaleo), Makor (Ionikos), Salpiggidis (PAOK), Konstantinou (Panathinaikos), Zacharopoulos (Chalkidona)

6 goals: Baykara (Xanthi), Rivaldo (Olympiacos), Papadopoulos (Panathinaikos)

5 goals: Katsouranis (좝?, Tsigas (Kallithea), Maladenis (PAOK)
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