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Players called by Caparrós:

Iraizoz, Armando.
Ustaritz, Iraola, Aitor Ocio, Casas, Etxeita, Balenziaga.
David López, Garmendia, Yeste, Gabilondo, Susaeta, Orbaiz, Gurpegi, Javi Martínez.
Llorente, Etxeberria, Ion Vélez.

Suspended: -
Injured: Murillo, Koikili, Amorebieta.
Out: Lafuente, Iturraspe, Muñoz, Del Olmo, Iñigo.

Probable XI:


Iraola - Aitor Ocio - Ustaritz - Balenziaga

David López - Orbaiz - Yeste - Gabilondo

Etxeberria - Llorente​

Tragic game between the last two in the standings, the one loosing tomorrow will get into serious trouble. I expect a bad but exciting game, with maybe several red cards....

Etxeita repeats call-up although there are 19 so one will be left out. Llorente has been called by Spain manager Del Bosque for the game against Chile, lets see if this gives him confidence and scores a couple. Javi Martínez and Balenziaga have been called for the U21 to play vs Portugal.

We need an important improvement in all the aspects of our game, but specially in defensive solidity. Most of our players must show more than what are showing lately, when only Iraola, David López and Llorente seem to be on a level close to what should be expected from them. I didn't put Vélez as starter since Etxebe rested vs Recreativo to play tomorrow, but I think Ion deserves to start tomorrow, he's the one who normally takes more profit from all those air balls Llorente wins. Also, I would prefer a bit more muscle in midfield (that is, Javi or Gurpe instead of Orbaiz or Yeste) and I would take Gabilondo out of the lineup to play Susaeta, Markel isn't on his best moment but he can still add more than Gabi. If Caparrós doesn't trust Markel helping Balenziaga in defense, he can move David López to the left and put Markel on the right. That's what I'd do.

In Osasuna, there isn't list of players called yet, although they have bad news from Thursday's game, Roversio will miss the rest of the season for a knee injury. Good luck for him in his recovery!

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There is time to concentrate on defensive stability in this game. Osasuna should be a good start to get a clean sheet.
I would like to see Javimar in stead of Gabilondo. I would also see Garmendia if we need to create som chaos in Osasuna defense.

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Statring linups. A lot of surprices!

Iraola, Ocio, Ustaritz, Balenziaga;
Susaeta, Javi Martínez, Orbaiz, David López;
Garmendia y Llorente.

En el banquillo estarán Armando; Yeste, Gabilondo, Etxeberria, Gurpegi, Ion Velez y Etxeita.

Azpilicueta, M. Flaño, Cruchaga, Oier;
Juanfran, Vadòcz, Nekounam, J. Esparza;
Masoud y Pandiani.

En el banquillo estarán Ricardo, Portillo, Ezquerro, J. Flaño, **** Sola, Sunny y Tiago Gomes.

So Yeste, Gabilondo ant Etxebe at the bench. We are gambling with youth and speed rather than experience..

Ezquerro dosent seem to start at San Mamés. He did only one game with Barcelona. The 3-1 game that ended the 05/06 (?) campaign..

Aupa los Lejones!!

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Is Llorente doing as last season? Need ten games before he starts playing well. Let's hope so:) Great match for him.
Nice debut for Etxeita also. Important match to make the debut, but also a bad opponent...

I missed Yeste on the pitch, were there any reason for not playing Yeste?
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