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Rosenborg seeded again

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Rosenborg seedet

yesterday it became clear that Rosenborg will be seeded in the third qualifying round of the Champions League 02/03 and all the Trønders were rejoicing :)
his means they'll avoid scary teams.

LSK will, of course, not be seeded in the third round :) Not sure about the second round where I assume they'll play as well.
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I hope that this season will be a turn for the better and not the worse. Last season I was hoping that Brann would make it, and although I have to search harder for my LSK sympathies, it is very important for Norwegian football that they at least make it through to the 3rd round, and that RBK once again get to play in the Champions League.
Has all the teams that are to be seeded been released to the public? I do hate Celtic but was wondering if they are seeded.
Here's the list (not official yet...):

1 Bayern München
2 Manchester United
3 Barcelona
4 Deportivo La Coruna
5 Roma
6 Feyenoord
7 Dynamo Kiev
8 Lokomotiv Moskva
9 AEK Athen
10 Rosenborg ;)
11 Newcastle
12 FC Brugge
13 Sturm Graz
14 Boavista
15 Celtic
16 Dynamo Zagreb
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...note that Liverpool is third in England now, and have taken ManU's place in qualification.
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