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Ronaldo prays for fitness Friday 10 May, 2002


Ronaldo has travelled to a church in Aparecida in order to thank the Virgin Mary for his recovery from a serious knee injury.

The Inter star made the journey to the small town between Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo alongside his mother Sonia and Brazil’s fitness Coach Paulo Paixao.

“I am here to thank Our Lady of Aparecida for my return to fitness and for my spot in the World Cup squad,” said Ronaldo.

The striker had taken Inter’s Scudetto failure hard and after the tears at the Stadio Olimpico had confessed, “Football has given me nothing but disappointment.”

However, almost a week on it appears that he has put the incident into perspective. Ronaldo lit a candle in the church as he prayed for around 40 minutes and afterwards signed autographs for the fans.

Meanwhile, the Selecao fitness Coach revealed more details of his current condition.

“Ronaldo will reach peak fitness in the second round of the tournament,” said Paixao. “In the first phase he can play 90 minutes without problems, but he’ll be at his best after three or four games.”

Brazil’s collaborator claimed that Ronaldo’s few appearances in the Serie A Championship may be a bonus for his country.

“He will be less tired than the others who have gone through an entire season. He could have played for Inter more than he did, but it may become an advantage now.”
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