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Ronaldo hoping to play again by end of year

By Reuters, 2000-05-30

Brazilian striker Ronaldo poses with his wife Milena and their son Ronald.
RIO DE JANEIRO, May 30 (Reuters) - Injured Brazil international Ronaldo is aiming to play again by the end of the year.

"The doctors have said I could be back eight months after the operation and that is what I am aiming for," he told a news conference.

Ronaldo tore the tendon in his right knee in an attempted comeback match for Serie A side Inter Milan on April 12. It was his first game since sustaining a similar injury six months earlier.

Responding to a battery of questions about his recovery programme on Monday, Ronaldo said: "I have to admit that I was really down for about two weeks after suffering the injury.

"I was asking myself whether I might have been at fault in some way."

But he insisted he had never questioned his future in the game. "Everyone faces problems in their life or their careers but it is knowing how to overcome them that holds the key to real greatness."

Ronaldo, who underwent surgery in Paris last month, said he was aiming for complete rest during his three months in Brazil and was looking forward to spending a lot of time with his baby son Ronald.

The only break from this routine will be monthly visits to France for specialist treatment.

"All I need to now is the patience to allow myself to recover in my own time," said Ronaldo.

He said his doctors were pleased with the beginning of the healing process after the operation. He is undergoing daily physiotherapy.

"Modern medicine gives me the chance to return as I was, or perhaps even better. I know I will play again," said Ronaldo.

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Ronaldo took some pictures for the press yesterday by the sugar loaf with his wife and his son.
he asked the press to co-operate with him and leave him alone.
Also he praised that his friend Edmundo is back on the brazilian team, and that Franca is playing good.

Franca changed the game Sao Paulo x Corinthians on sunday...after he came on he gave both passes to Marcelinho Paraiba to score.
Goals of course: www.globo.com click on "esportes" and download it.
Today after the game of the century..Corinthiansx palmieras

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor ate o fim.
A Corrente Jamais Sera Quebrada!
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