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This is from http://www.inter.it; Inter's offically web site:
MILANO-Yesterday afternoon, (10 pm Italian time) 50 Flamengo supporters were waiting for Ronaldo outside Nilton Petrone's gym, in the Barra de Tujica quarter. That's where Ronie usually completes his daily programme of physiotherapy. The supporters showed their affection towards the forward by convocating 4 local TV stations. This was probably an agreement with the Brazilian club. During the press interview Ronaldo had positive words to say about Flamenego, as always: "I hope I will play with you one day".
That was enough to give rise to rumors and old stories about his intention to join them. Once again the forward had to put an end to such insinuations: "I want to and I shall remain with Inter. I'm doing my best to be able to go back to the team". In ten days time Ronie will fly to Paris for the scheduled check up with Dr Saillant. Nike as Flamengo's sponsor was also involved in the story and had to point out that they have no interest at all in Ronaldo's transfer to the Brazilian cub.
In short, a lot of noise about nothing, as usual.

That will shut down rumors........Come back Fenomenon!!!

finally :D
R9 it's not going anywhere i hope he can joint with club soon and can play again i wanna see play together with vieri

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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