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SERGE said:
ALL THE BARCELONA FANS who say that he is all tricks and not the most important SHOULD BE "embarrassed" to say such a STUPID thing IF THERE WASNT FOR RONNIE THERE WOULDNT BE any eto'o or deco or all the other players they signed they managed to sign them due to the fact that MR.RONNIE is there and all does players mainly signed cause they knew that they will play with someone special and someone that would contribute to the team more then any other player. THE TRUE BARCA FANS WILL KNOW what i am talking about and for the rest if u dont thats ur loss
That´s right until a certain point.

I think Barça is not only Ronaldinho, but he´s the best player of the team.

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barça said:

Are you auditioning to be the next XTLA member? :howler:
:D :dielaugh:

Lord Xavi is better than 75% of the Spanish league combined, suckas!

Certainly better than that Britney Spears lookalike masquerading as a DM for Madrid.
61 - 72 of 72 Posts
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