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Ronaldinho: Entertainer but ...

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OK, the guy has tonnes of tricks to show. But in this new Barca team he is not the most important player. Come to think of it, even the Barca of the second half of last season was mostly due to Davids.

The most important players in Barca are (in order):
1. E'too
2. Puyol
3. Valdes
4. Deco
5. Ronaldinho
6. Xavi

If he can cut back on the party and street tricks and work more on assists and scoring, then maybe it would make sense to claim he is the best player since Maradona.
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Ze da Fiel said:
Btw, Renato from Sevilla is ten times better than Xavi!
Maybe in Brazil, not here :tongue:
Ze da Fiel said:
Julio Baptista is better in SPain than in Brazil........ he scored 20 goals last season, somehting he never dreament of in Brazil!

Btw, Guti IMO is better than Xavi.... just to give an example of a non-brazilian player.
Yes and Adrian Ilie scored more goals in Spain than Romania WTH

Guti better than Xavi? :googly:
Ze da Fiel said:
And for Gica.... funny how you say that one player might be good in Brazil but not SPain, when you have a squad based on BRAZILIAN players :eekani: :lick: :drunk: :boxing: :wallbang: :undecide: :thmbdown: :howler: :howler:
And what´s your point?

Renato has shown nothing until now here. That´s true. I´m not saying that the Brazilian players are bad or something similar...I´m not stupid :wallbang:

Renato was good in Brazil, but he needs to improve in this season with Sevilla.
Egyptian_Juventino said:
what is this thread all about? :D

Barca will suffer if they lost ronaldinho ...

like juve without nedved.
Of course. All the "barcelonistas" love Ronaldinho and he´s the soul of this Barça. But the rest of the players deserve respect.
SERGE said:
ALL THE BARCELONA FANS who say that he is all tricks and not the most important SHOULD BE "embarrassed" to say such a STUPID thing IF THERE WASNT FOR RONNIE THERE WOULDNT BE any eto'o or deco or all the other players they signed they managed to sign them due to the fact that MR.RONNIE is there and all does players mainly signed cause they knew that they will play with someone special and someone that would contribute to the team more then any other player. THE TRUE BARCA FANS WILL KNOW what i am talking about and for the rest if u dont thats ur loss
That´s right until a certain point.

I think Barça is not only Ronaldinho, but he´s the best player of the team.
1 - 5 of 72 Posts
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