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Ronald de Boer back

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Ronald de Boer joined the group during practices. He still isn't fit enough to play, but it won't take long. I think that's very important. He can play on the right, and in the offensive midfield. Before his injury he was with the better players.
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What great news!
On June 1 Frank Rijkaard has to hand his list of 22 players that will play Holland in the EC. Ronald's name could well be on it.
Except for Hesp, all the Dutch Barça-players will be on it :)
This weekend Ronald was seen at the Barcelona Formula 1 circuit (Circuito de Catalunya) at Montmelo, in the pitbox of Arrows, whose drivers are Verstappen (Holland) and De La Rosa (Spain, BARCELONA). The Dutch-Catalan connection just seems to be a good one :)
He's also met famous Dutch artist Marco Bosato, man, he's been busy while he was injured, now he's got to train real hard.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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