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Romanian Prodigies

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Here is a list and a glimpse into the future of Romanian football.

1) Adrian Mutu (Inter) - Forward, 21 yrs old, can play behind strikers as well.
2) Marius Nicolae (Dinamo Bucuresti) - Forward, 18 yrs old.
3) Catalin Munteanu (Salamanca) - Central Midfield, 20 yrs old.
4) Alin Stoica (Anderlecht; Midfielder, 20 yrs old.
5) Cristian Chivu (Ajax) - Left Back, 19 yrs old, can play central defender, sweeper, or even defensive midfielder.
6) Bogdan Lobont (Ajax) - Goalkeeper, 22 yrs old.
7) Erik Lincar (Steaua Bucuresti) - Defensive Midfielder/Midfielder, 21 yrs old.
8) Florentin Dumitru (Steaua Bucuresti) - Defender - 22 yrs old.
9) Bogdan Mara (Dinamo Bucuresti) - Forward, 22 yrs old.
10) Florin Cernat (Dinamo Bucuresti) - Midfielder, 20 yrs old.

Any questions about the specifics of these players I'd be happy to answer, but right now I'm too lazy to type some info about these players. ;)
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You can add those to the list too:

1. Marius Sava - 19 yrs old - U. Craiova
2. Vlad Munteanu - 19 yrs old. - Dinamo bought him today from FCM Bacau
3. Kirita - 22 yrs old - Dinamo

Did you guys know that the Lazio Reserves keeper is Romanian, his name is Daniel Sparlea, he's the brother of Irina Sparlea, and also played in Milan juniors?

Yeah, that Munteanu is pretty good. But I think for a half year or so he will be a reserve. He'll enter in the first eleven after Dinamo will sell all their strikers and midfielders.:D:D:D

I heard about that Sparlea guy several times on TV, especially when he was with his sister. Don't know too much about him.


Zicu Ianis - age 17 yrs. - club Dinamo Bucharest - caps for the U 16 national team: 20, goals: 3

Born in:
Constanta, Romania
Discovered by:
FC Farul Constanta school of young footballers, coach Iosif Bucossy (the man who also discovered Hagi)
Top Scorer of the Romanian juniors championship for Farul Constanta at 9 years old when he scored 72 times!
Qualified with the U17 team to the Euro Championships in which he wasn't selscted by the coach who also prepared the juniors of FC Arges. He then revenged in a match between Dinamo juniors and FC Arges juniors when he scored an hat-trick and convinced Dinamo's trainer Dinu to select him in the big squad for a freindly tournament in France.

Bucossy says: 'This guy has the skills of Hagi + a better header. He will definitely become a big talent.'

Last year when he played for Farul juniors, he signed a contract with the FIFA agent Becali. He was only 16 and FC Farul coach wanted to play with him in the first eleven, but Garabet (ex-Farul president, fired last week - see http://fc-farul.tripod.com/stiri.html ) screwed the all thing, selling him to Dinamo for several thousands of $$$. I'm going to kill him, cause he sold in six years lots of talents. If we kept him we would have stayed clear or relegation + we would have enlarged our account with several millions of $$$.

Hagi was impressed with him in 1998 in Istanbul when a freindly beyween Galata and Farul juniors was played. The game finished 3-3, Zicu scoring twice for Farul. He was 15 at that time.
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